‘Progressive’ hacks denounce Ukraine negotiations

The Grayzone’s Aaron Mate and Max Blumenthal cover Rachel Maddow’s deranged denunciation of the possibility of peace talks to end the Ukraine proxy war, and former Bernie Sanders advisor Matt Duss’s slobbering praise of Biden’s Ukraine policy.

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  1. The left used to be anti war, now they are pro war cause their guy did it. How sad the reality of the world is, as long as their side is doing something they are all in on it.

  2. Jimmy Please stop calling Mr Maddow as a She ! maybe call the " Others " !? I don't know , can't keep up with the latest American free fall Vocabulary name calling !

  3. I think Rachel maddow should go to Ukraine, she can get gussied up like Sigourney Weaver in "Aliens"or Linda Hamilton in "Terminator 2"and lead the troops over the front lines!
    Killing mofos with pride!

  4. The United States military rarely finds itself in a conflict,
    that the general population of the West is wholeheartedly standing behind.
    Even if Russia was provoked, it doesn't now matter … "the Russians attacked Ukraine".
    That's the only information Westerners need to go all 'warmongery'. Russophobia does the rest.

    To the media and population of the West… it's a righteous war.
    Many want the US ( NATO ) to make this a hot-war and attack Russia head on.
    They believe this is the 'right' thing to do.
    This 'perfect storm' gave the United States exactly the situation they needed.
    The US military will have to defeat the current regimes in Russia and China eventually,
    this was the perfect time to deal specifically with Russia. The much weaker superpower first.

    Neoliberalism needs Capitalism to spread unheeded. Unheeded by other political systems running amok.
    The US military is playing the long game of 'defeat by attrition' and/or hoping that someone,
    will assassinate ( or depose ) the Russia president. This proxy war with no US body bags is a gold mine.
    They can spin this out for years… and the original 'righteous angle' will never fade from the consciousness of the public.
    The US are not going to let this golden opportunity pass by with boring old 'peace talks'.

    The US are 'dealing' with Russia right now and won't accept anything but their defeat.
    And the placing of a pro-US regime in place in the Kremlin.

  5. That's a question I am continually asking myself: Is it possible they (the casual neo left msnbc/cnn viewer ) actually not aware of how this came to be? Paid chills like Maddow et al are just that. They know.
    Peace will come when the oligarchs have finalized a plan to scoop up the resources. Probably pretty soon when more of these videos make the rounds.
    So please keep on…

  6. I think we need to be careful about how we understand what Merkel has to say, her cover my ass dial is turned up to 11. There is a contradiction here regards what she says about the Minsk agreements, namely, if she knew it was a buying time scam and that the current situation was on the horizon, then why was she Gung ho on nordstream?

  7. Ukraine cannot exert military means without a complete blank check written by America – USA and NATO have sponsored the overthrow of the Ukraine govt 2014, prepared Ukraine for this war and blocked negotiations in 2021 and then March 2022 to continue this war.

  8. By "workable resolution of the conflict" Duss seems to mean "political and national suicide for Putin and Russia". Huh! Wonder why Putin isn't going for that tempting off-ramp when his side is winning and the US track record is one of tightening the screws every time an opponent, or even an ally, concedes anything. I guess Putin's just crazy…

  9. Maddow's skillful use of the language, simplistic interpretations of the facts and omissions, shapes a singular view of a dire situation. Why such an intelligent woman would stoop so low is a testament to the source of her excessive salary…

  10. I know a woman who listens to Maddow religiously. And she said “Ukrainians are fighting war so war will no longer have to fought ever again.” This is from a person who protested the Vietnam war.

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