“Progressives” are Becoming Mindless Bootlicking Sellouts, Praising Bush and Romney

If you think Bush is a patriot you’re lost:


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#Dubya #Sellouts


  1. Sheila Jackson Lee – "?'? ? ????? ??????????? ??? ?????? ??? ??????, ???? ??????, ?? ???? ??? ???? ????????."

    The Twilight Zone music plays.

  2. Jewish "progressives" never lost love for dubyah though. And yet that is only what I would expect and it is consistent with their supremacism as the Chosen..

  3. well, that's exactly what happen here too, in Israel. the same pattern, same tactics. completely brainwash. feel like it all organized long ago, in disguise, behind the scenes, Globally.
    it was planned.

  4. %100. Any bashing by any establishment politician, left or right, bashes Trump I like him even more. Right there with you styx.

  5. If anyone wants to see what a truly evil piece of shit Bush (both were, but I'm talking Jr here) was/is, watch his dinner speech where he's making fun of himself for finding no 'weapons of mass destruction'. Does an entire cringey 'comedy' routine about how wrong he was- how many soldiers died for his lie? And he's laughing about it. That is who the establishment is- you give your life for them and they laugh at you.

  6. Oh god. Bush is the reason I voted for Obama. I’m an atheist that supports what president Trump is about. C.I.A/big oil Bush is not what America first is about

  7. I wish someone would take the time to point out the fact that "progressives" are not a recent label. The socialists of FDR's day, also called themselves "progressives". They distanced themselves from the handle, once the atrocities of Nazi concentration camps became known to the American people. "Progressives" promoted eugenics and they supported segregation. I wish that those who call themselves "progressives" were forced to confront their nasty history.

  8. Hating W Bush was one of the reasons I felt apart of the left back in the day.
    That said I'm glad I no longer want anything remotely to do with them now.

  9. Sheila Jackson Lee has been in Congress since 1995, 14 terms and what has she achieved? Sweet fuck all, except to line her own pocket

  10. People often use the "Big Lie" as if it a description of Nazi propaganda tactics. In fact it was itself a phrase use by the Nazis to discredit their opponents…

  11. Nobody’s going to beat this illegitimate government in any election, They are going to run the next election in the same way they ran this one. Who’s going to stop them in Dem states? The courts have shown they won’t. The media won’t call out the cheating or interview any witnesses. They didn’t in this 2020 election. How is anything going to be any different?.