“Progressives” Embrace War As Conservatives Choose Peace

When pressed by reporter Max Blumenthal, California’s Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna expressed support for sending arms and volunteers to Ukraine, describing the conflict as a “just war,” as well as sanctions on Russian oil. Meanwhile, Kentucky Republican Thomas Massie expressed skepticism about the value of sanctions, suggesting that Russia will still be able to sell oil on the open market but that the US economy will suffer from not being able to import other Russian goods.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss this curious role reversal between progressive and conservative Congressional representatives.

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  1. None of these shit heads in any governments will ever see a bullet. They all fucking disgust me. Nice to see you are leaning right Jimmy.

  2. Fixing homelessness or infrastructure does not circulate money as rapidly or as deeply as defense spending does. This is why social and roads programs do not get the level of support that escalating wars unnecessarily do.

  3. So Jimmy Dore and his fanboys think we should let the Russians attack Ukraine, what's next Jimmy "defund the police" and let the pedophiles molest children… hey why should we care if kids get raped…

  4. I encourage everyone reading this to go look into Thomas Massie's off the grid homestead. His property is 100% self sufficient and clean energy powered. That could be the future. 😍

  5. To be fair giving leftists lip service hasn’t failed them before… why stop now?

    “Please sir… may I have some student loan forgiveness?”

    Sorry bud, I need you to go shoot some people overseas… only then can we can discuss student loan forgiveness… 10 years later Reelect me and i’ll give you student loan forgiveness!

  6. It wasn't that long ago when the democrats were warning us that Trump was a madman with his finger on the button. Now here we are with democrats in power and they're pushing for world war III.

  7. It does feel strange for me to be a conservative, have Jimmy Dore as my favourite youtuber and believe in 95% of his values, (most importantly anti-war), and see that it's the supposed LEFT who constantly pump for war.

  8. The republican party hasn't been anti after Reagan. Starting with Bush one, the republican party, after watching the pro war democrat party get the US involved in ww1, ww2, Korean conflict, Vietnam, decided, hey if the democrats can profit off of war so can we. Contrary to what people think, the democrats have always liked war. Once the hippie Dippin era of neocons got into Reagans cabinet but especially with Bush one and two, the republican party has tried their darnest to be war profiteers like the democrats. Neocons are in both parties. War profiteers are in both parties. American empire pushers are in both parties. There hasn't been a dimes worth of difference between the two parties since Reagan except when the republicans are in the majority they spend more money on the military. Then the democrats use up the weapons Once they are in the majority in do called peace keeping efforts, spreading "democracy ", and ending human rights abuses. Both parties are involved in Ukraine since Bush one and this is just a cya operation that fills the pockets of the military industrial CONGRESSIONAL complex. That's the original name and now you have many answers for Ukraine, Libya Yemen, Somalia, guns to isis genie oil, oil and gas lines through Eastern European countries, Bosnia, biden and his crackhead son, mcconnell,graham, pelosi and her son, kerry and his son, romney and his son, uranium one barisma Halliburton, etc.
    Be vigilant and pay attention. God bless the good people of the world and God bless the Republic.

  9. Notice how no one suggests an easy solution- that the government make a sacrifice and suspend all taxes on gas during the crisis. This is because they don’t want lower gas prices. You can make the sacrifices

  10. When jimmy feels left out he gets so angry. He loves to project all his negativity onto others. Not everyone is full of rage like you jimmy, sorry. I guess voting Republican or not voting at all, like Trump suggests, not to vote at all.

  11. Jimmy. The Military/industrial complex policy lobby 'The North Atlantic Council' funnel money into the DNC & RNC and tell them which candidate they should fund. They control everything & you will never get close to them, because they are hidden behind secrecy laws. Mr Khanna knows this, and he also knows that nobody will fund him if he does not play ball. So there it is. Why don't you look into the 15 boxes of 'comic books' Trump took with him from the WH? And then look into what the 'Sargent of Arms of the Senate' did January 6th? Who his boss was, and what happened that day. You disappoint me, Jimmy. You are a gutless chicken.

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