Progressives Make FOOLS Of Themselves In Biden Bill Cave | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar explain how the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed the house of representatives without any attachment to the budget reconciliation as progressives caved to Biden

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  1. "moderate" and GOP scumbags "concerned" about how much saving humans from going extinct might cost. If we don't get together and pitchfork these evil psychopaths to hell (and make sure their kind NEVER comes back), so to speak, we deserve to go extinct. And let's include these faux-progressives in that equation.

  2. Remember, as his first act (crime?) after election in 2009, Governor Christy-Kreme misappropriated the budget for the tunnel expansion to give tax cuts to NJ corporate interests.

    The 1% in the Dirty Jerz realized after the fact that they were cutting off their noses to spite their face.

  3. This whole infrastructure bill seems like just another giveaway to the wealthy. Their job programs suck! These people have no imagination and are completely devoid of problem solving ideas.

  4. Rep Claudia Tenney says that the infrastructure bill is going to fund the highway trust fund (that is bankrupt) for 500 billion dollars and that it will be controlled by Pete Buttigieg and other bureaucrats in Washington and not the states or locals. She says it is a complete shift in more centralized spending as opposed to the appropriations process of congress. It will be highly partisan because they are in control.

  5. We have amtrak here in California… Last time i used it, i had to file a complaint because the conductor saw me hobbling up on my cane yet decided to close the doors and pull out anyway. The regional rep for the Capitol corridor amtrak route gave a B.S. response about how they ask passengers to arrive early so they don't miss the train. The guy OBVIOUSLY didn't read my complaint, because he would have seen i had stated I arrived over an hour early and was standing where the train was supposed to pull up (it stopped at the other end of the station on that day). I have not used Amtrak since. I actively boycott them now.

  6. Those six were allowed to vote no because they were losing their fake progressive bone fides. Remember, the dems need a fake opposition to keep up the charade. America is a country of fools. Trump said that. PT Barnham said that. Hell, even Truman said it once.

  7. I can't believe this show, or any show for that matter, actually thought this was going go any other way. The progressives have been bought with a $180,000 job and free government healthcare. Everybody owes Jimmy Dore a big apology. A third party is the only way left to make any change.

  8. Progressives MUST put through Biden’s agenda, or they will torpedo their own. The ONLY way they will get the things they want is to do all they can to retain and gain more control of the house. If democrats fail to deliver SOMETHING NOW, voters will take it as proof that democrats can’t get anything done and put Republicans back in control of congress.

    Then progressives will get NONE of what they want. Get SOMETHING NOW, retain control of congress; THEN they can push to get their policies through. The strength of the Democrat party is also its Achilles heel.

    It’s a big tent that represents the cultural and economic diversity of the country far better than the Republican party does. That big tent means it doesn’t march in lockstep, as does the GOP. That means they spend too much time arguing with themselves, each sub-faction demanding everything they want, or they’ll take their ball and go home, leaving the party as a whole never getting any one thing done.

    Democrats are their own worst enemy. If they can’t negotiate compromises with themselves, holding such a slim margin of control, they sure as hell ain’t gonna talk any Republicans into getting them over any end zones for a win.

    The lesson of classic game theory is that in a competition, strategic cooperation with opponents, at least until there are only a few left standing, is the best way to ensure you are one of the ones left standing. Only then, does “every man for himself” make any sense for a last man standing win.

  9. To people who are being hard on the progressives: We have no idea how the sausage is made. Anything could be happening behind the scenes the sway, bribe, and intimidate.

    That being said, I'm very disappointed that we can't get rich people to share their wealth to make this a better world for everyone.

  10. Just Admit The Democrats Want To Be The King & Queen Abusers And Your Not Allowed To Abuse Them Back < Thats Why The JoeBoma Government Group Wants To Take The Guns So There Government Can Abuse The Citizens Without Contest Or Threat < Joe Biden Is Knodding Off At Work Like A Drug Addict 💉 💊 And Hustling Momma Government State For More & More Money/Funding And His TV Corporate Diverse Looking Gang Banger News Heads Are Inserting Racism Into The Money Hustling From Momma Government State < Bad Deal

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