Progressives Sell Out Workers on $15 Minimum Wage

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  1. I mean they are blatantly pretending they can’t pass whatever they want. The whole reason for taking control of house and senate is to use that control is it not? If this doesn’t prove that both sides are all working together secretly behind our backs i don’t know what does.

  2. Exactly right, it's a straight-up, mad grab for cash & property by the wealthy and powerful. …In the midst of chaos, those with various types of power are able to seize what they want, so that's what they're doing. It was the same way in 2008-2010, so guess that's what it is once again.

  3. David Sirota. I have liked you up to the MED4ALL VOTE. I think you were at least attempted to be bribed. You don’t have to defend yourself.
    In my mind your dancing. That M4A approach disagreement? I guess we’ll never know. They had 1 less critic. Thanks Dave

  4. God forbid they actually do something to help people like me who have worked this whole pandemic day in and day out coming in to make sure my kid eats. And not to mention the childcare costs now that i have to homeschool my daughter…. I am fuxking over these pos politicians.

  5. This guy says 'the democrats are a right wing party'! – Proof he is a complete idiot and doesn't know anything about politics.

  6. The US doesn't need a $15 minimum wage, they need a requirement for every county to set a minimum wage equivalent to $18 in a big city in terms of buying power.

    The US is so big with vastly different costs of living that one size fits all doesn't work.

    If they don't enact that in 6 months the entirety of elected officials goes directly to prison for 3 years. That way every minimum wage earner can still live off their work across a nation that large.

    $15 in some cities isn't enough.

  7. I hate the devilcrats party, however I'm glad they did it because 15 dollars an hour will kill small businesses who can't afford to pay their workers that, they will end up with no dollars an hour because many businesses will have to shut down

  8. 100% of Americans polled to raise the min wage to $50/hr 0% of Americans polled to not raise it if they would be fired. Dont confuse the wording of a minimum wage and a living wage…they are two different things… the Mcdonalds shift manager should make a living wage and the entry level shift workers working p/t should make the minimum wage and the two need to be different. Plus your not asking the government to give a wage your forcing small business owners to pay your raise. There are always two sides to the coin.

  9. The fact that America seems to be unable to just pass a bill which enables people to get payments as compensation for not being able to work due to covid, without bloating that bill with tons of nonsensical stuff, gives the impression that the dysfunction is intentional. Why are we even talking minimum wage in a covid relief bill? Just pass monthly compensation for the months where states have shut down the economy.

  10. We’re not the only country not getting Covid relief. Most third world countries aren’t getting aide, but im sure we’re the only developed country getting screwed!!! Its so crazy how accredited lenders and investors get all the money, lose it and get more money. Ive never seem such a blatant robbery of the people. Definitely an all out assault on working class.

  11. Parliamentarian is doing a great job an unelected individual has the greatest power the United States wants a poor class and a wealthy class the United States is having fire sales for all properties very soon How fucking pathetic

  12. $15 MIN WAGE is the same as The 2 State Solution for Palestine.
    A BS cover story that drags on for decades, that delivers NOTHING but while the powerful elites INCREMENTALLY ASSET strip the powerless.

  13. since my peers in the working world are nothing but a bunch of cucks, I hate to admit it but the working class is a bunch of chumps who don’t want to nor know what to fight for. They’re a bunch of turds who don’t want to make change for their own best interest. I’ve tried numerous times as an adult to reason with fellow working dudes and Im done. They will group up and fight reason with stupidity and lackadaisical attitudes on economics. It’s like they don’t have an understanding of cause and effect and so they don’t want to be in the fray. They have an attitude that speaking up and throwinf a fit is ultra libral and so doesn’t bode well by a bunch of knuckle busting conservative leaning morons who don’t know how to fight for their own best interest.

  14. I have said it before it is time to cash out your 401k and savings and buy a one way ticket to a country where your dollar goes further where the streets are safer and where your taxes are not spent on war Move Out of This Country The US sucks

  15. So basically, they over-promised (they could probably get Republican votes for a $10 minimum wage), so now they have to shoot for $15, knowing they can't deliver. So now what do we have? A $7.25 minimum wage. Still. But hey, they "fought for fifteen."