Progressives Show They’re A Total JOKE, Fold To Manchin | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar respond to the demands made by Joe Manchin for the Build Back Better bill and the decision progressives made to fold on the congressional negotiations

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  1. The USA is totally racist and totally corrupt.

    When it gets too overtly racist, it votes Democrat. But Democrats are even more corrupt than Republicans! And the solution to racism is not corruption.

  2. I know everything I need to know about McAuliffe from his management and messaging of the Clinton 2008 primary campaign. Does everybody remember how inspired you were by that fiasco?

  3. Yes it’s the progressives fault for making a stink about how the dems aren’t doing the thing they promised they’d do.
    Honestly they should TAKE CREDIT for the VA race instead of folding.

  4. "A Total JOKE"
    You spelled "outnumbered" wrong but hey, at least you made some of that cool Jimmy Dore cash by smearing Wall Street's enemies. Good job, you remind me of Resistance Twitter.

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