Project Veritas, Assange, and the Authoritarian Decrees of Who Is a “Real Journalist”

Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. The freedom of press applies to all Americans. Period. These tired arguments about who is and who isn’t a journalist is a red herring from authoritarians Who want civil rights for themselves but not for their political opposition.

  2. chris Hayes, and Anderson cooper dont need the shield of the first amendment, because they would never report anything counter the narrative the government wants out there, they are both likely operation mockingbird agents

  3. Heinline got the closest to certified journalists in "Stranger in a Strange Land". I'd add the need to document anonymous informants in a way that could only be used in special court settings; apply FISA and sealed court record (remember Jeri Ryan's?) principles to journalists.

  4. The political class is simply exercising their “Will To Power”, which was legitimated by the 2020 elections. It doesn’t matter whether there is a (D) or an (R) next to your name, as long as you were legitimated by the charade every four years. The Obama Administration, ‘45 Administration, and Biden Administration have all attacked journalists with a scorched earth policy. Paradoxically, the spies at the embassies and consulates around the world all pretend to be “journalists”!

  5. I cant tell you how refreshing, nay, … healing, it is to see a person use basic sound logic to argue their points. It is almost comforting to listen to Glen talk, as the world seems less and less logical, more and more dystopian. So thanks to Glen and those who are pushing us towards truth and rational thinking.

  6. I had a friend…she was heavily recruited by James O'Keefe to work with Veritas. She declined after consultations due to this very reason. Talk to Veritas…your automatically under investigation.

  7. Many of the elite believe they have been chosen to play the part they play in society by our Almighty creator, and that is why they have attained the degree of meritocracy as they have. They believe they are the guardians of knowledge, so they don't need to learn, but others need to learn from them (HRC said so herself). They only are talented in the area of their profession, but are almost totally ignorant in terms of all other areas of study, especially regarding human nature and behavior. Being as ignorant as they are, they have no right telling others who is and is not a journalist, or what is and is not factual information vs. what is an is not misinformation. They can make these determinations for themselves, and suffer the consequences; however, they have no right to control what information gets disseminated, and what is forced to be ignored.

  8. 1.2K likes on this video. I'm not so sure about the number here either thanks to you tube's very sophisticates algorithms. Not only can we not trust you tube's numbers in these post comments, but no longer can any online or MSNM outlets be trusted with the numbers or the facts.
    People can no longer rely on information given in any media regardless of the sources.
    Glen should have not less than 1 or 2M views and thumbs up on this story alone even this early on this program.

    That said, I'll bet this post doesn't get any more than 20 thumbs up total in. Lets see……

  9. Bloody brilliant as always! I don't know if you're a better lawyer or journalist, but I'm eternally grateful to benefit from your vast knowledge & experience and compassionate wisdom. I hope more and more people listen to you and read your articles. You're one the best minds of our times.

  10. For the record, the SCOTUS has never heard a case about shouting "fire!" in a crowded theater. That was a hypothetical proposed by a SCOTUS Justice who was rationalizing the incarceration of anti-WWI activists over their anti-war statements.

  11. You have millions and millions of people who couldn't fathom to the depth of their core, that Obama, Biden, the FBI and the Democrats in general. Would ever do anything remotely wrong. They are all baby Jesus. 👶 Not that the Republicans don't. Just pointing out the Dems right now.

  12. Wow. So we can appreciate that the dismantling of our First amendment rights is a basic, foundational step to a Totalitarian state, with arrest and prosecution of those who bring truth, with the hope of justice. We have seen this before : USSR, Nazi Germany, more.

  13. Glenn … you said "obviously being a journalist does not mean you get to commit crimes." Really? What about all of the so-called journalists that colluded with the fbi in the russiagate scandal.

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