Project Veritas EXPOSES CBS Running Fake COVID News, CBS Admits It Was Fake And REMOVES Segment

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  1. One person to make a line look longer?
    Like heck!
    If you want to make an insignificant line look significant you need a lot more than ONE extra member.

  2. They doing it because they hate trump they dont care who dies it's a shame its political I stopped watching these fake news I cancelled all my prescriptions with them .they used to be good reporters I dont know what happened to them

  3. They can't be "just wrong". They used to verify facts before reporting. That's just not done anymore. That's what's wrong.

  4. If there really was some crazy pandemic… you don’t need to add fake patients. There should be a bunch there. Also… check out the video a woman made in like Italy or the Uk of an empty testing site a month ago! Not even being used! Was just used for media panic

  5. The media being there is what caused the hospital to add fake patients. You think the media would stay there or run a story if it doesn’t seem like there’s a huge covid issue?!?!?!?

  6. been a nurse for 32 years. I can absolutely see administration types ordering employees out to participate in this tomfoolery. as far as CBS it goes without saying they would like this to happen. only takes one phone call. do not trust any legacy news outlets

  7. Snopes only pointed out the Italian footage because it was so obvious that if they didn't call it out they might actually lose credibility and then would not be able to push propaganda.

  8. It is just crazy that the same people that repost/retweet the video revealing all the ways the food photographers make the food look way more appealing and appetizing than it actually is, with the food make up, cardboard cut outs, etc…..and yet they automatically believe the media.

  9. Assholes. How dare they. This wonderful country of ours is at a crucial point.. now more than ever we need to know the truth about what's going on especially with this BLM nonsense, the protest, the rioting and looting. How can anybody trust the news ever again. Dicks

  10. Not the first time CBS has done this, they are a repeat offender with this kind of thing. They have even done creative editing to make statements sound like something else.