Project Veritas EXPOSES Horrifying Videos Of Migrants Conditions, This Is Biden’s Border Crisis

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  1. We need to start making a database of every single person that tries to illegally enter the US and they should be permanently banned for trying. Just sending them back home isn’t enough. There should be consequences

  2. There are 81 Million households who should be required to take one immigrant in each. 1 vote for Joe Biden gets you one free immigrant to exploit. Think of the possibilities.

  3. $600 a month in romania will get you a nice apartment and good food with some money to spare. $2,000 a month in America will pay only your rent. It is a story that "this is why people come". No, it is relative. Of course $8.00 an hour seems like a lot, but it really is not.

  4. They’re not coming here for “the American dream”. They’re coming here because they think they can get from money from Democrat welfare

  5. I had a chance to interview Joe Biden and asked him what his plan was to get this border crisis under control. His answer was

    "Look guys it's simple. Just wear a mask!! It's your patriotic duty! Com'on MAN!!!!"

  6. we should be flying cargo planes back to the southern countries every day. yhey will stop walking for a month to get a plane ride home. as for the kids, just like puppies they become adults and then you are taking care of adults. this is not a adoption agency this is a country that has a budget. you cant run a country or a buisness on feelings. tuff decisions are made made daily. you do what you can to help but not to the point where you destroy the country and have no ability to help yourself let alone others.

  7. It's the "Rock and Hard place' China Joe has CAUSED. C'mon Tim. And no we do not want them to come here. We want them to come here in METERED amounts that A we can handle as a society, and B Allows them to assimilate C Is safe for us.

  8. These politicians just need to be exposed publicly with video of them planning or whatever of their duplicitous then more people will see…. well hopefully I guess

  9. The Dems – Everything Trump did was evil and bad we must undo what he did for the good of all.
    Dems now – Why are so many people coming to our borders Shocked face

  10. They will recieve reparations for years to come in the form of welfare and whatever else our government gives them. To do this our taxes will go up

  11. Tim: I want these Illegal Immigrants to get an education. ALSO TIM: Says nothing about teachers teaching Illegal Immigrants instead of American children.

  12. You seem to never mention come in legally. Your feelings aren't the law. We do not owe anything to foreign nationals that trash our laws and enter illegally. Try entering Mexico illegally. Why don't you do a cost of the surge of illegals on your show many receive more money than American seniors on social security that can barely survive checkout the pathetic colin increase that is demolished by the immediate increase in their medicare payment. What about Vets living on the streets? while illegals get free housing why?. This also pushes the black population below the Hispanic population. And how these illegal border crossers dismantle American sovereignty by adding millions of democrat voters. These illegals all vote for Marxists come on man.

  13. let us not forget that mexico wont let you just walk in to their country. when you fly there you fill out paperwork telling them what hotel you are staying at and when you are leaving with the info for your return flight. if you want to move there it is merritt based and if you want to retire there you have to show proof of income. you can't just say i dont speak Spanish dont have a job or home and dont have money for a home. you will be turned away.

  14. Tim, why do you assume that a serf class isn't part of the DNC goal? Why would anyone who even occasionally watch/read the news and not assume that unlimited illegal immigration isn't the goal?

  15. I don't care how many teenagers and young entitled whammen follow Absolutely Occasionally Communist on instathots. That whammen has no credibility whatsoever in understanding adults who became politicians for all the right reasons. This is Mr Potato's America so let's bask in their collective insanity in destroying what's left.

  16. Trump tried to 'solve' this. But these same idiots in Congress fought him there, denied funding needed, fought him in court to stop any resolution, and partnered with MSM to lie about it all. Biden is not trying to solve this. They caused it on purpose. He did so, so that the next step can happen NO detaining, and no deportation. THAT is the solution he (well his controllers) are going for

  17. This is not bravery or courage this is disillusionment. These migrants are transported, fed, sheltered, clothed and told there is a pot of gold waiting for them just across the border. Then they reach the border and OH SHITAKE there's a few other people that believed that line too. These activist organizations spend the majority of the year recruiting immigrants from central and south America. The sustainability of most these countries economies hinges on migrants to America sending money back to their home countries. One big evil machine working to keep central and south America poor and the democrat houses clean and lawns mowed on the cheap. Along with a few extra illegal votes of course.

  18. Wonder what AOC thinks now that they are throwing 3 year olds across the wall into the desert. Oh right Trump should be nice and say nice words about sub-humans and slavers right pool. The slavers make 14 million a day. They couldn't make that kind of money without the democrats opening the border and the democrats aren't keeping it open so they can keep getting their cut off slavery.

  19. We have many many homeless people already here. We have many many people here "illegally" who have gone to school and to college here but still not able to work legally because they can't get a legal status for whatever reason, deal with our problems here first. Each politician has been able to get paid every payday (from our taxes) ever since this "pandemic" started, let them give up a paycheck every other pay day and sponsor someone or better yet every politician should sponsor a family trying to live here from another country or an American homless family. See if they really care (not). I know its just a hopeful dream, just wanted to express this

  20. JOE BIDEN IS WRONG WHEN HE CHANGE POLICIES SO BIDEN IS GUILTY OF WHAT HAPPENING NOWWWWW. I mean, what is going on with you, trying to be with GOD and the DEVIL isnt good…you are not given the complete news as it should be

  21. Tim, shut up with "save the world" speech. You're a young guy so maybe you don't know anything different, but the U.S. is falling apart. It's crumbling in every way possible. It wasn't always like this. All the groups fighting each other are doing it for survival because the squeeze is in effect. We are not in a position, as a country, to take on any foreigners who will come here with their hand out and a list of demands. If you want to personally help some illegal aliens, go do that. Put them in your house, feed them, care for them, give them jobs building a new skateboard ramp in your backyard, but quit with the moral grandstanding.

  22. This will never end. It’s like salmon season, once a year they unleash the spawn to swim upstream. And upstream is from undeveloped nations to highly developed nations. And every year no matter who runs the administration we go through this exercise. It’s Groundhog Day almost every day. At least Trump realized that it was a service portal for the Democrats, and Biden just proved it. I’d like to say he’s not acting in the best interest of the country because he’s not acting with his own mind. I wish we could just lift up the veil reaching behind and grab a few by the neck and pull them into the light so we can see who they are and follow their stink trails to the moneymen and the real evil.

  23. The left doesn’t seem to much care for root problems anymore. They just say ‘the system is racist’, which is so vague and almost never includes specific examples or ways we can fix the system. And sure the system can definitely be fixed in many areas but that’s never the discussion. The way the left goes about these things, we never fix the root problem. And on top of that especially if the root problem is uncomfortable, and can’t be blamed on white people exclusively. This is similar to many issues, including, as one, poverty or the min wage issue. Instead of fixing the root problem, they just blame white people as a blanket statement and throw money or welfare at people, which has consistently never worked to resolve the root cause of this, and then repeat with the next generation who hasn’t yet seen it not working. For the border issue they still cannot understand this is not racism. There are many reasons not to have open borders and all of them have nothing to do with race. Now that a Dem is in after these issues were forefront with Trump, they’re starting to see these are not issues because of Trump, these are issues in general and the left is actively making it worse by having a blanket racism reason and completely ignoring the actual root causes of these things. I do not get how this is not obvious yet. But here we are.

  24. When AOC says the difference is Biden is trying to solve this and find resources, did she forget that she was the one who stopped beds, fucking beds, from being donated to CBP facilities under Trump. It’s so stupid. People don’t actually care about this or any other issues. This is why things will only get worse. When people are complete hypocrates no one will take them seriously or work with them making it near impossible to come together on anything at all.

  25. To be fair, where talking about Southern Texas in March and April. That "with only space blankets for warmth" bit is nothing more than appeal to emotion. It is not cold in South Texas right now

  26. Are you a US citizen? You better not leave your house!! Put on this tracking device and the only way you can get food is to have a vaccine passport!! Social Distance!! Mask!! Double mask!! Triple Mask!!

    Are you a citizen of another country? Come on in!! Welcome!! Social distancing? No!! Tracking?? We hope you get lost in our country!!

  27. Tim. I've never commented before, but you really need to fully educate yourself in Root Cause Analysis before you try to sort out in your mind, Out Loud a very simple issue. All seemingly "complex" issues become crystal clear once viewed through this lens.

  28. Improve their situation, have the American dream. Good wishes aren’t good enough. Using this as more fuel for your main argument on this channel instead of having even a few solutions for this awful situation. I follow this channel because it isn’t a clap back channel you’re better than this

  29. I'm still wondering when american born citizens living in poverty, crime & drug infested
    areas get to live this so called american dream we all keep hearing so much about.