Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe Discusses State Of Journalism, Details Defamation Lawsuit Against NYT

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe answers the hosts questions about his journalistic philosophy and his new book, American Muckraker:

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  1. Joe Biden is Illegitimate, the whole country/world knows the 2020 election was stolen, he has no "consent of the people" to send American boys to war, none at all. He is Illegitimate, our generals are literally admitted traitors, under oath. Our Federal Government led a 5 year coup against Trump then still had to steal the election with 20 million fraudulent ballots and 100 fraudulent illegitimate electors. The real insurrection happened on the house floor when they voted to accept the 100 fraudulent electors. The whole Federal Apparatus of the USA is Illegitimate and has no moral authority that people will follow in a time of crisis. The collapse of this Unconstitutional Monster that has metastasized since WW2 is now underway before our eyes, hopefully, is a bloodless collapse, I doubt it will be though.

  2. Okeefe's ability to articulate so precisely in this interview his position makes you see why these people are scared and want to take him down because of how much of a threat he is

  3. Just the fact that cowards like Grim and others like him focus on the way VP gains their information rather than the importance and significance of the information gathered is proof enough that he and those others care more about who provides their paychecks than they do about the actual truth. Whistle blowers are national heroes that should be getting everyone's gratitude and respect but that does not seem to be the case and we the people should be asking why that is for one, and two, why are we the people not demanding that these people be freed and protected? They might be enemies of the government(s) but they are not the enemies of we the people who would not know about any of the criminal things that our elected and appointed government officials are doing in the name of national secrecy if not for them. This is what happens when the actual criminals are the people running the institution.

  4. Of course Ryan "Hack" Grim couldn't just interview one of the most courageous & impactful journalists of our time without trying to sneak in some kind of covert smear attempt – obviously he'd be outcast from his social circles if he didn't prove his allegiance every 3 minutes.

  5. These extreme leftists media need to be sued by so many. It needs to be for hundreds of billions. Make MSM propaganda mega profit machines bankrupt!

  6. I went from hating OKeefe a few years ago to believing that he's an American hero. We need more people like him, shining a light in the dark recesses of our public institutions. It really is about transparency.

  7. I may not agree with Ryan and Robbie on everything but I've heard their thoughts on O'Keefe in previous episodes, and I've gotta give them respect for 1. Having the balls to bring him on and 2. Ryan grim asked him about what he considered deceptive undercover journalism. They brought him on, voiced their concerns and gave him an opportunity to respond, that's how it's suppose to be done people. Mad respect for Ryan and Robbie.

  8. First I've watched an interview with this guy. I always see him demonized on twitter. He seems intelligent and smart. Glad they had him on. I think there is a lot more commonality among the "common folk" than most folks want to believe. I believe we are beyond labels. The real enemy is the global elite and the people running the power structure.

  9. Well guys this gentleman is way out of your league. To try and sandbag him at the beginning shows even you are still trying to understand the limitations of what journalists can "use" as a means to dispose corruption and deceit by the powers in charge. Right now Project Veritas was and still is subjected to the toxicity from many major news outlets and now most of their viewership as far right activists.

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