Project Veritas Puts James O’Keefe Put on “Paid Leave”! Hostile Takeover or Sabotage? Viva Frei

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Written by Viva Frei


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  1. It's very possible given the prior shenanigans and shady dealings of big pharma, that PV Board was bribed or forced to expunge James. What a shame. God curse this horrible corporation.

  2. Project Veritas was always affiliated with powerful people. I remember reading an article years ago where a journalist exposed the corruption inside Project Veritas and how a lot of the things they do is because their powerful donors want to see it done. James O Keefe fuck up when he decided to go against the powerful donors, and now they are disposing of him.

  3. It was Southwest Airlines making excuses about not being prepared for a storm that hit the East, despite that same storm kicked the west in the balls and left 4’ of snow in mammoth California in more than 40+ years.

  4. He said he’s not suicidal leaving the capital, sounds to me he got personal threats on his life. I don’t listen to regularly, I’ll listen to you even less now! What’s your deal ?

  5. Different take: could this just be a round about way to dismantle PV? By getting rid of James you destroy the company in one swoop. Subscribers, support and money GONE. Thus PV disappears.

  6. why do I always get great storiess a day after they break!!? No one will see this, but for what it's worth, I don't think the ousting of JO'K is to get rid of PV, not James, they won't care that it will go broke bo the objective wl have done. Well..or..if he's a real schimazel and really thought he could stand up to a boss he had not getten a chance t o know as far as he is capable of doing.

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