Project Veritas Releases Massive Bombshell Proving Assange Should be Pardoned

Assange did everything he could to explicitly reduce harm to US intel assets with the cable leaks:


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  1. MSM will never cover this because then it exposes their complicity in the campaign to demonize Assange’s very name. Everything I first thought I know about him was what the MSM was saying back then. Now, I feel foolish for having trusted them as mush as I once did. The media are definitely part of the problem for every issue that effects us.

  2. You are 100% searchable on youtube dude. I just searched your name normally and on VPN and incognito mode and everything showed up right away on your channel with all 3 methods.
    What makes you claim you are shadow banned anyway?

  3. to anyone that thinks edward snowden is still "wanted" just remember this, he went on late night shows, joe rogan and does lectures for universities as if hes a free american citizen to tell people how the deep state is run. As appose to Assange, the us government doesn't want him on tv, joe rogan or giving lectures. snowden is hella secretly deepstate.

  4. nothing is a BOMBSHELL anymore. everything is pointless until our opinion actually matters. Lets face it the press, or journalism picks and chooses what it wants to be the news. and if they decide not to report on this then nothing will be done.

  5. My only gripe with Assange is he could have blown apart the whole RUSSIA scam in its early days; but didn't ! (I know, I know… he had to stick to the stated WIKILEAKS manifesto of source protection.) But also, had the truth of what really happened back then been revealed…..right now there would BE NO DEMOCRAT PARTY !!

  6. There was a time I was brainwashed into thinking he was a villain. Though I did not think the Swedish sexual assault charge was real I saw through that easily enough. Now I see that he and Snowden are hero's, still not totally sure about Manning. But to be Honest i haven't studied that situation at all. Trump should indeed pardon them both.

  7. Australian Government have been the most useless in this whole episode. They just turned their backs on one of their own. Shameful treatment of a citizen.

  8. "The government this" and "the government that" in the comments…
    it's just a group of people. Fallible people. Corruptible people. There is no "the government." Just a set of people we collectively agree are in power.
    For now.

  9. I don't get why wouldn't Assange document and record every piece of communication with those lying ducksuckers, well he learned the hard way you can not trust the US government