Pronoun face tattoos? | Woke SJW Cringe Compilation

You Cringe You Lose. Go. #Woke #cringe #compilation

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  1. To those women, (or whatever they identify as, lol), that don't like the American flag: How would you feel about living in a country with no rights? Would their flag give you the willys, or just the one that gives you freedom and a voice? You're disgraceful.

  2. Didn't that angry Black female not appropriate White culture by wearing a t-shirt . If I'm not mistaken, doesn't the Black culture lend towards dashiki, rope sandals and headwraps?
    And, while I'm on my soapbox, Heidi, a White, Swiss milkmaid, made braids popular way back in the 1930s. And, not to mention, "Dancing in the Rain" was performed by Gene Kelly in "An American In Paris" in the 40's ( Look it up!)
    White people have allowed the Black community to "appropriate" our culture for decades because we we had much bigger fish to fry. Do these people have nothing else to complain about in their lives? OMG!!! Get a life!

  3. 14:42 as I found out recently, there's a large group of misled ignoramuses in this world who believe that Asia isn't a continent, but instead Eurasia. They also believe the Americas is one continent, and not 2, which, how can you claim the Americas are 1 continent, but Africa is not part of Asia? Inconsistent.

  4. Cortez has almost no real power or control. She has one vote in the Democrat's half of the House, and typically votes as a monolithic block. She has had no sponsored bill that i know of succeed to a majority vote. She has few that have ever even made it out of committee. Like Marjorie Green she makes a big noise and struts, but as a lawmaker a near complete failure.

    She is a reality celebrity and a social media influencer like a hundred thousand other 32yo women. She has a merch catalog and cross promotes with Sanders (who also has passed nothing he sponsored in years) and three other congresswomen. Pelosi mostly ignores her. Biden mostly ignores her. Schumer mostly ignores her.

    Republican conservatives are the ones that pay attention to her….maybe they want to date her.

  5. Disney keeps changing the curtains, but the window is still broke. They can be "inclusive" but their product is still worse in quality than the mouse-ear hats that fall apart before you even get home.
    Warren is well-known for her use of private airplanes, meaning if she refers to a private flight, everyone on board wirked for her. She probably ordered them to do this just to have this story. In the unlikely event she flew commercial, has anyone ever seen people walk up and down the plane to talk to random people in other rows? Mott barely talk to the person sitting beside them.
    Trivia: an experienced pilot actually knows where the cabin crew is with the drinks cart because its heavy enough as its moved up and down the aisle, it changes the trim of the airplane.

  6. @4:12

    Purple haired lady: “Am I the only one who Trump has ruined the American flag for…..?

    Literally any sane person: “Yes, you are. You are definitely alone on this one”

    Me: “I’ll help you pack so you can get leave”

  7. We are at that point in time when Idiocracy "the movie" starts to come true. Seriously nuclear power is ageist? Hmmm maybe cause everyone going to college can't even read those words with their gender studies degree's.

  8. why do some progressives support nuclear power???? because they are slowly waking up to the fact that there is no other possible way to fuel their electric-non-fossil-fuel-utopia without it. It is not possible to build enough solar and wind power plants to even remotely come close to powering our needs, let alone if you put everyone into electric cars. Two choices: open coal plants back up and add on more natural gas plants for producing power, or build more nuclear

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