PROOF Amber Heard ATTACKS her Ex-girlfriend! TEXTS! PICTURES! MORE!


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  1. To play the devil’s advocate, this “proof” could have easily been faked, and i have serious questions as to how the skin under the dress wasn’t bleeding. Did Amber have a careful fit of rage?

  2. Has anyone else been getting recommended to a bunch of newly made “gossip” YouTube channels that are clearly AH stans ? One video claiming RDJ ditched him as a friend another claiming JD has a “new victim” WTF. I’m in crazy land seeing people supporting her.

  3. At this point, nothing else that comes out about AH really surprises me anymore. But hearing the new stories are truly interesting. But one thing that is really interesting most of all, is this….. in a movie a character will usually do a ton of crazy things similar to AH. In the movies these things give an impression to happen in a few days or weeks. But in reality like with AH, it happens over years. I know movies only have a short time to set the plot out and need to draw a person in during that time. I really hope someone really investigates and does their research about AH, then writes a book about her. Then it’s picked up to be made into a movie. Then great actors, directors, producers, editors and mor get hired on to make this movie. Then I hope it becomes the greatest movie of that point in time. And that is where you will find AH has finally found her fame….. through a book/movie based on who she is. That will be the irony of all of this. AH, a woman trying to become famous in Hollywood gets destroyed by her own actions, only to become famous through those same actions is a dramatic horror drama movie based on her life. Believe me, this will happen. With the amount of interest this case/trial created and how there is so much love for JD and extreme hate for AH, then the subsequent stories about AHs past, present and future relationships and lifestyle….. there is a lot of material to work with. Lol.

  4. It's the journalist Jessica who posted these texts, it doesn't prove anything, these texts could be fake, and it's just a picture of a torn dress, not even of an injured woman, it's not really a true proof, Jessica could tell the truth, as she could lie

  5. And just remember she was going to try to kill Johnny or set him up to look like he attacked her and then they killed him and self-defense that's why Rocky was hiding in a closet Josh was hiding nearby and they text about the knives to bring them over but they didn't plan on him bringing the security guards that ruined it all that's also why they had io on the phone as another witness they were going to plan it all with numerous witnesses that Johnny attacked her and they had to kill himself defense thankfully he brought a security and ruined their entire plan

  6. In my culture, if you do that to a person, that is tantamount to having inflicted wound on the person with a sharp object. Expect a bloody war between the two clans, that of who did it and that of whose dress is slashed.

  7. Now, its almost as if EVERYONE just "Eye Rolls" every time Amber denies something – seriously, it would be safer to believe it rather than qaustion it.

  8. I only hope that the reason wb keeps pushing back aqua man 2 is because they're going to recast her. I'm still waiting for them to do a director's cut for aqua man without her.

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