Proof: Major irregularities Georgia. Wisconsin, Arizona take notice for Audit!

Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona notice MSM pushing false narratives. Georgia provides proof press conference with Vernon Jones and Garland Favorito requesting audits of all counties.



Written by Rexster Rising


  1. This it outrageous . How come no one is forced to talk about it?
    Seriously: The problem you have is that you give too much credit to the fake media. You believe that the media has to talk about it before you can say it is true. Screw the media. Circumvent them. Proceed with the truth and act on it ! Discount GA for Biden, say he didn't win it anyways. You don't need to wait for the fake media. Else you will wait forever! Dont let them hold that power over you!

  2. These fake audits mean absolutely nothing in a Court of Law. Zero, Zilch, Nada. 80% of Americans are laughing at this because it’s nothing but a bunch of loser Trump supporters that can’t accept the fact that Trump got his ass kicked in the election.

  3. Time to jail everyone who covered up evidence of election fraud and certified the 2020 election. Next, complete the audit and correct the winners of all elected offices.

  4. Kandiss Taylor did all the work to get the affidavits from the people to the
    legislature. When she sent one to Kemp; he never replied. She ha d to
    give it to him in person. Jones did

  5. All this is getting crazy Arizona still waiting on routes Georgia missing 25% of charge of custody and now sounds like IRS is becoming a weapon for the left again