Proof of Aussie Madness

“They had no interest in hearing about countries that did something else…and they also didn’t want to know the outcome of that…that makes no sense if it’s just about public health.”

“That is still the case now – Australians don’t want to hear about the negative effects…they don’t want to see it in their own children. They’re still looking away and that tells you they are still mad. They are still in this crowd madness that just doesn’t want to see the obvious.”

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  1. We Aussies are a highly inertial lot – we just want to be left alone.

    If someone says – hey do this and you can get on with life, most sheeple will comply, sadly.

    The big attractor here was being able to sit on your arse at home and work, eat and buy – effectively live in a digital bubble and damn those that couldn’t as ‘anti-vaxxers’ etc.

    The days of Aussies being tough, independent people (for most of us) is gone and not coming back.

  2. The beast told them that there was a scary invisible demon running around out there that wanted them dead. They love the beast, and did what it told them. Others came along and talked counter to the beast and they replied who can do war unto the beast.

  3. 100%
    I drove my self nuts watching everyone just complying without any thought.
    One of my friends said “the easiest way to get through this is just do what they want and don’t think about it”

  4. Dan Andrews Labor government in Victoria was (and still is) the worst in Australia. I have medical issues that gradually got worse because my condition is not considered "life threatening", and now I have to battle with the Federal Labor government in order to be able to get the treatment I need just so I can get some degree of independence back physically.

  5. If I told u the moon is is not a rock 🪨 you would call me a lunatic conspiracy nut well I know the truth it’s a light 💡 that’s it They been lying along time now and you still continue to believe them nothing more I can do

  6. That is just Australian society. WE're a lazy society that doesn't like to think. WE want to go to our job, 5 days a week, then get drunk, or high over the weekend, watch sport, etc. Rinse and repeat. Our universities are run like that too. WE dont have any university here that even compares to the ivy league schools of the world. We have mid tier universities, like most of the world does, and your common mid tier university is a glorified trade school. They pump out professionals.

    So even our educated class isn't that well educated.
    WE don't have nay gret minds here. WE import our great minds for Tv specials. The australian mind is not great. It has not been great for a very long time. The australian mind has been rapped around consumption of nice products for the last 40 years. I just had to buy some essential clothes and also look at some kitchenware at chadstone. It is monday. Midday when i arrived. It was packed. What the hell are these people doing?
    People in australia only think about what they can buy. The next product, and the money to acquire it. That's why jobkeeper was so important. It meant that the ability to consume was largely undisturbed by covid. Without jobkeeper there would have been riots.

  7. I ignored it in Melbourne, I walked my dog after the completely looney 9pm curfew, went to my doctor and got a face nappy exemption. Unfortunately I got 2 shots of vaccine after working out that natural immunity is the way to go. I did have a vaccine passport but not taking a 3rd shot, I lost that so I deleted the app, I got an email saying basically naughty and I'm thinking F off.

  8. My family are still blinded by the government and MSM narrative in Aus, and refuse to even consider the verified scientific and medical data announced by leading virologists and immunologists warning about the longterm dangers of the vaccine and extended lockdowns. And now I’m worried my niece is going to go ahead and have her two boys aged 8 and 10 vaccinated. 😥 She won’t listen to me and just considers me one of the ‘unclean’! 🙄😷

  9. The Australian character is one of compliance with the norms and values seen as mainstream and contempt for outside influence. We lack the eccentricity of the British and the independence of the Americans.

  10. Thank you Matt and Prof Paul …. the madness theory makes sense….I've been asking 'when is the revolution coming?' for at least 11 years and now I have a clearer understanding. The madness reminds me of the one time in my life when I went to a football match and all the collective screaming from both sides, eek!
    And Matt I so relate to your situation in the playground, not OK!
    Let's find our like minded communities or escape as prof Paul suggested ❤❤

  11. This is actually unfair,

    The main stream media, never gave the Australian population a chance, to either see or hear, what other countries were doing about lockdown's, the words were we must stay indoors, and only out for exercise and groceries,2 hours at a time.

    This didn't suit me at all, so I just went out anyway, 2019-2021.
    I had a fantastic time meeting my friends.

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