[PROOF] The Great Reset Is HAPPENING!

Mass protests in Sri Lanka are happening as farmers continue to protest in the Netherlands and Germany. Is it really a coincidence that these are happening at the same time?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Sri Lanka and Netherlands both have something in common.: starvation in the name of this green agenda. This is here in the States as well, people just don't know it yet.

  2. This is the precipice of civilization as we know it. We are to taking action to do what is right for us. You. And them. We are all one. Relinquish the anger. Think logically. We are fixing what has been wronged. Fighting for freedom. Find inside all of you what u urself are fighting for. Is it money. Is it food on your plate. Whatever it is. We can get it. We will have our lives back.

  3. You complain too much you must be Communist, Muslim radicals, anarchist or someone like Canadians truckers or Holland's farmers. People like that should be arrested for disturbing natural Peace and controls of corporates capitalist profiteerng!!

  4. In order to control everyone means they would have to go door to door and face the unknown

    They put other things in place like limiting food or access to stores everyone will rise up and kill

  5. Find the common thread and what outcome would be achieved. Sanctions on Russia cause a shortage of fertizer. Now another fertilizer issue based on regulating fertilizer based on ecological reasons. What is the result of these created issues with fertilizer? What's the final outcome of this? Post what YOU think is happening 😉

  6. Has anyone noticed you can’t be an adult and make your own mind up. Today our town water park was shut for our safety. They didn’t want us and our children to use it in the hot weather. It wasn’t a load to be open abd we weren’t allowed to asses the weather and decide if their was a risk to our children.

  7. Farming does need to change away to something less heavy on external dependencies like petroleum products to be more sustainable (soil remediation and reducing run-off is definitely needed), but to yank away the current foundation without any transition period is somewhat of a big foul. Part of this is that farmers themselves need to push the process, because industrial giants that claim to support their business will not hesitate to screw them over any less than those trying to profit by taking the land away or putting in measures to create economic hardship and force a sale that way. There's got to be some way the farmers can organize as a group to open source methods and technology so nobody can leverage it against them like the equipment and chemical companies do now.

  8. That's not true Brand, the smartest people are not social animals, it's the opposite…. dumb people are social animals because they need each other because who else would listen to em only another dummy… Smart people can't stand other people, they hate to listen to em because it's all nonsense they talk… Just like animals, all the most dangerous animals like to be alone, they're solitary because of how much power they have, they know they can't be around weaklings because that's when nature kicks in… It's over you plebs heads, the military is in control of everything, you see em cutting of a power plant or shutting down a fuel pipeline and think they're trying to kill you when in reality they're trying to save your life in the future… because WWIII is coming, great reset happens about two years ago, just you dopes didn't figure it out yet… like the NWO, we're living in the NWO for about four decades now an you dopes are talking about when it's gonna start, HAha!

  9. From Australia. Just read the news here this morning. Our PM, our own personal Biden, says life is going to be tough with food shortages. Our ex PM has made a speech saying only believe in God, because you can't believe governments or United Nations. The ACT where our capital lives is banning petrol cars from 2030. It has been suggested that we need to ban TicToc in Australia because it is owned by China and on top of that we are probably about to deal with Foot and Mouth disease (Is this an excuse to kill all our cloven-foot animals). This is just one morning of news. Smacks of Klaus power.👿

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