[PROOF] WE DID IT! | Seymour Hersh First Nord Stream Interview

Seymour Hersh is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist noted for his recent reporting on the US being involved in the Nord Stream pipeline explosions. This was his first interview after publishing his article on Nord Stream. #US #Russia #War

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Ridiculous. I'm German, was always pro-US, I love the US, I love their constitution. We owe that country A LOT (or at least the country that it was 70/80 years ago). For the first time in my life I feel like walking over to the next NATO base and yelling "Yankee go home" at everyone coming in and out. And our own government does not GIVE. A. SHIT. about being attacked by a so called ally. Insane.

  2. "Journalists" won’t report it because it would hurt team democrat – their team. And they’d be called nasty names on Twitter by other fake journalists. They are activists posing as journalists.

  3. What a better way to sale a one world government than to have a war so costly people will do anything to make sure it never happens again. You can't have a war with another country if separate nation's don't exist. And if violence breaks out somewhere it will be called a protest a terrorist attack and blame it on the small amount of people that are anti government and freedom. And all the news will. Say the same shit and people will believe it just like so many did when the shot came out to protect your and your family

  4. Thank you for confirming what I had already come to the conclusion of Mr Hersh , very brave of you ,watch your back How anyone can fall for the W M media BS about this issue beats me .

  5. Hi, Russel. I am writing about a serious environmental issue (potentially catastrophic) going on on the Danube Bastroie canal where the Ukrainians are making the canal deeper (which is illegal) in order to make way for a new port for heavy shipping and war ships.

    This will eventually destroy the Danube Delta which is part of the UNESCO heritage.

    Before the war the E.U. warned the Ukrainian regime against doing this and now they are approving it by staying silent.

    There as increase tension between the Romanian authorities and the Ukrainian authorities.

    Someone needs to cover this because the Western media is silent (per usual).

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