Proof Wuhan Lab Manipulated Coronaviruses

Peter Daszak and the WHO (World Health Organization) was tasked with going to Wuhan to investigate the origins of the novel Coronavirus. They all but absolved the Chinese government of their hand in the outbreak. However, there was a lot going on in regards to coronaviruses found in China prior to the outbreak. Here’s what we found.

The interview with Peter Daszak ––w
Peter Daszak interview with Nature magazine –

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Living in China for so long, we would like to share some of the comparisons that we have found between China and the west, and shed some light on the situation.

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  1. That's funny, because Dr Wu Zunyou Chinese Center for Disease Control said they never isolated the virus??? "NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 23rd, 2021 | NBC Nightly News" at precisely 13:35 runtime on the YouTube video. Big Bold letters in front of his face like this… "THEY DIDN'T ISOLATE THE VIRUS" – it's there for all to see. Go and watch it. He actually told the truth and it went right over the heads of millions.

  2. What does not make sense is that somehow we think that all those who went to Wuhan are corrupted by China or kept in the dark. That Daszek somehow is now CCP pawn and defends them. This does not add up. What kind of leverage CCP would have to hold against them. It is impossible?. I strongly suspect there is something else going on. There is a clear history of WHO being corrupted by pharma. Why would that suddenly change? I am not saying that CCP is a victim here but serving another hypothesis. What if this wasn't an accident? Who is really benefiting here right now? China? The USA printed lately more money than in the past several years. Attention is on all covid. Pharma is saving lives.

  3. The most obvious explanation for why CCP didn’t allow any investigation for COVID as opposed to SARS is that they already knew the answer to where it came from (their lab) and everything since is just one big cover up. Thanks for the video. It’s just insane how the media in the US won’t investigate this.

  4. I feel you are critizing China for a point which they do not need to be critizied for. There are very good reasons to test vaccines on young children. If it can save lives and if it has proven to have no or few side effects on adults, then it is completely morally responsible to do so. Whether it is completely necessary remains to be seen. But young children with astma and other respiratory diseases should be vaccinated as an infection could be dangerous if not lethal. There is always going to be some sort of trade off, best case nobody had to be vaccinated, but when shit hits the fan, this is the best option. It is good that it has been tested in some amount on younger children. Cheers from Denmark.

  5. This Chinese CCP virus was 100% Made-in-China, Wuhan, China. Literally. At the Wuhan Virology Lab. Just ask Shi Zheng-Li (PhD) or Huang Yan-Ling (patient-0). Actually, Huang Yan-Ling is dead, so you won’t get much truth from her…….

  6. Indian researchers compared the S-protein of Covid-19 to SARS. They discovered that the Covid-19 S-protein had 4 new sequences inserted, all of which can be found in HIV/AIDS sequences, verified through a search on GenBank.

  7. This CCP virus exhibits 100% amino acid similarity in the nsp7 E-proteins. There are 4 inserts in the spike glycoproteins that match up 100% with HIV-1/AIDS. Just go ask the researchers in India. They already published a paper on this……

  8. Your video is excellent! It brings together a lot of info in a clear and straightforward manner and you've beaten everyone else to the line by making this video. Many thanks!

  9. This supports what i experienced, i got horribly sick from my sister who came to visit from new jersey who was also sick her very much less so, i had all the symptoms of corona virus coughing and lung pain along with the secondary symptom of diarrhea, i was sick for weeks into early january. Im convinced it was corona virus as all my family who came in contact with them gained similar symptoms and we were almost ready to take my aunt and father to the hospital. Terrible stuff guys dont mess around