Proof: Zelensky REJECTED Peace With Russia

Reporting from the Wall Street Journal as well as recently unearthed video footage of an interview with a top lieutenant of President Zelensky reveal that Ukrainian leadership was not only well aware of the risk of a Russian invasion, but that Zelensky and company rejected a possible peace deal and instead allowed Russia to be pressured by the US and NATO to launch that invasion.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté ( ) discuss the options faced by Ukraine prior to the Russian invasion.

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  1. Europe is so stupid to get dirty fracking Gas from the US, they destroy all water reserves, and when they fucked up the whole Environment they invate Europe, cause that's what These rutheless capitalists do

  2. Sad situation, lives lost for nothing. Kids traumatized and STILL can't wait to see rebuild. If US helps, how many corporations are going to over price.

  3. Great video. I have zero sympathy for Zelensky the clown comedian. He’s a US puppet and an authoritarian thug. I hope Russia makes good on policy to de-militarize and de-Natzify Ukraine and that includes toppling Zelensky.

  4. Clearly this was planned years ago with the intention of provoking Putin. Whether designed by NATO & Ukraine or just Ukraine, they wanted war. Zelenskyy suggesting he couldn't trust the Russians if he made a peace agreement is pure bullshit. He never wanted peace. Thanks for this key video clip, Jimmy. It exposes them completely.

  5. Zelensky is fighting for New Khazaria. That is the clue! "Leaked report: Israel acknowledges Jews in fact Khazars; Secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine" …

  6. Absorbed by Russia does not mean that Ukraine becomes part of Russia. This is not about the situation in Crimea, don't you understand? This is about the fact that Ukraine would be integrated into a single economic space. This was unacceptable to the collective West. In other words – either Ukraine is friendly with all the economic consequences, or Ukraine is hostile – this is the choice that they have determined.

  7. I can't believe that I used to listen to jimmy dore and trusted him to be a freedom loving guy, but this guy has turned-out to be a mouth piece for putzin!!! What a total duffer this guy is!!!!

  8. Bucharest agreements and promises made by US and UK to force Ukraine to give back nuclear weapons to Russia gave guarantees to Ukraine of staying in their borders. Agreements and pacts are useless especially with Russia and UK.

  9. Why would NATO reject any expansion inorder to bolster NATO's arm of protection in Eastern Europe?
    Giving weapons to Ukraine is pretty much the same in a limited form. This is not going to stop WWIII. I believe we will end up there anyway. Just because Ukraine is not in NATO doesn't mean NATO won't get involved.
    And by the way, what ever the US wants, concerning NATO, the US gets.

  10. Some had good chance to lead.rejected and people call it weird.but the weirdo knows many leaders small decision yet devastate nation.
    A cursed position.
    If you did it right all the way.and no one hurts.they will complaint all the way.
    If you you made ignorant choice made nation paid the price.busy paying no time to complaint.great to screw it up bc no one respond but big price to pay in judgment day.
    Temptation to f people up and get away with it peacefully and easy.but that is enjoyment of temporary time soon will face a big judge.
    Good people tend to reject life material and goods.same time do good in life with out harming no one.yet they get stepped on the face.
    Something like jesus.
    Human dna build to screw their own

  11. Available from the White House: "The Joint Statement of US Ukraine Security Agreement" (signed by Zelensky and Biden on 1 Sept 2021) which says, "We intend to continue our robust training and exercise program in keeping with Ukraine's status as a NATO Enhanced Opportunities Partner"

  12. Zelensky works for WEF, remember the panama papers?
    The propaganda plan is covid-pandemic, bad guy putin, climate crisis. "We fight against this by taking away your human rights, and your money" This is the green new deal scam?

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