Propagandistic Coverage of Swelling Anti-Mandate Protests in Australia

Violent? A few hundred people? Far right? “Ugly” riots? THe legacy media has it all:


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  1. Australian here, originally from Melbourne; unfortunately the Australian reputation for being hard, freedom-loving people is bullshit.
    Most Australians are just like everyone else – perfectly willing to let the government take and take and take until finally it's 'a bit annoying'. So they fight for what small scrap of freedom the elites are willing to give back. Whatever it is, they'll claim that as a victory for their 'freedom'…

  2. The left these days are college/university educated. They view the working class as right, since the working class don't have politically correct opinions.
    To put it another way the left are a bunch of snobs who seek to use the working class and minorities to gain power for themselves.

  3. Based Aussies:

    Keep pushing, and push harder. Recruit everyone you know. Those sheep who scoff at you… Ignore them, ridicule them, mock them. Don't give them a second thought and move on to the next potential recruit.

    I have faith in the Australian people. If I was there, I'd be with you in the streets, a foreign brother fighting alongside you for your freedom. Nothing is more valuable than freedom… not even life itself.

    Much of the world is rooting for you. We hate to see you in conflict, but it fills me with a sense of pride when I see you guys standing up to these tyrants. Do not back down!

  4. The EU is a patchwork and that is why they are talking about an EU army again. Those damn freedom loving countries will be stomped for their greater good.

  5. Media: “What happened to you?”
    Government: “ I was poking a bear. It tried to run away but I followed it and kept poking and yelling. Finally, it turned on me and attacked.”
    Media: “What a vicious animal. It should be caged…or put down for everyone’s safety.”

  6. Australian chief of Police said the people protesting against these BS mandates are Nazis. The police are acting like 1930s Brown Shirts dressed in riot gear shooting pepper balls at unarmed protesters and the chief calls protesters Nazis, it’s insanity.