Property Zones: Property Opportunities Or Property Risks?

I caught up with George Markoski from Positive Property Solutions, to discuss the current state of the property markets. Prices as falling, borrowing power is dropping and interest rates are rising, so where to from here?

I am often asked to debate with those who are bullish on property ahead, so we had an interesting discussion, with some points of agreement, but also some important differences about future prospects.

Who convinced you more?

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Note there is no commercial relationship with George, and I am not in any way endorsing his programme.

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Caveat Emptor! Note: this is NOT financial or property advice!!

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  1. How much we in Australia we going to inflate property?.

    Are these prices sustainable ?

    Where are jobs. All jobs are only labour oriented?

    Is it going to be possible for companies to afford higher wages?

    China is going to pull the plug on Australia and has already started.
    Keep a watch on this.

    We are going to be having big and big debts same like Europe and America
    And we don't produce anything .

  2. i love how martin was trying to get him to see the other side of things, and he's just oblivious to the extended olive branch , just another property guru with blinkers on..

  3. This guys going broke IMO

    He’s riden 40 years of fiat money printing, globalisation, endless bond market expansion and Globalisation

    There is NO way credit availability will continue. It will be the opposite 😂

    The whole plan is to take out the bonds and do a new deal

    Lol – he cant see it.

  4. Come 2024 – anyone needing a lesson in the dangers of certainty can just replay this vid.

    The ignorance and overconfidence on display here is both hilarious and terrifying..

  5. This guys a fool, how are property prices going to increase at the same rate over the next 10 years lol. Is everyone going to pay outright ?? Where are they going to get credit for a 3 million dollar loan in 2030 in order to buy the properties? Is the average Australian income going to be 500k a year by then? Shock horror champion it’s not gonna happen

  6. I remember a study I did a while ago and the lecturer was talking about the great depression and the share market crash ,he said you can still have a good economy ??? it was the restriction of the money supply that sent property prices / asset prices crashing.
    I am watching that side a lot closer and banks are certainly restricting the amount money people can borrow due to interest rates rising , I think we are going to have a turbulent three to four years.

  7. 11:00 my assumption has always been that buying new means youre not buying pre-existing hidden problems. Also, old houses cost more to maintain. They cost more to live in etc due to new having better insulation like double glazing and brick. And many come with PVs or even at least solar hotwater which is free in summer obviously, (and reverse cycle ducted aircon costs offset by aforementioned PVs).

  8. I was initially very critical of providing a platform.

    However the education you have provided over the years makes regular viewers see this as an episode of caution.

    ‘Just a gully’

  9. It's been a good 20+ year property run… the future is questionable, we might be visiting double digit interest rates from the past which people these days don't realize.

  10. As a qualified old school property valuer of longstanding broad experience including in the box as expert witness – this guy has absolutely no idea of whats coming at us down the tunnel.

  11. This George guy is a huge property spruiker, you should watch some of his videos on tiktok, he gives financial advise and is not qualified to give, he also encourages everyone to get into debt in order to make money – be very careful!!!!!

  12. Almost couldn't believe my eyes seeing the guest you have on. This is the same guy who has been spriuking property month after month until recently. His understand of economics is based entirely on keynesian economics. Anyone can get rich when currency is printed.

  13. Best thing for Australia is a collapse in the property market. Years of cheap money and poor lending practices. Massive misallocation of capital and fundamental failure of the banking system. All we've done is stolen from future generations. Shelter is a human right and fundamental to a functioning and civil society. Also, forgot to mention poor government policies from all sides of government

  14. Watch vid on Flordia USA. A large majority of homeowners are Boomers. Florida is worried in regards to a flood of properties going on the market Bommer's are downsizing and no one can afford the prices.. In some cases, properties are down 30% depending on location. Forster/Tuncueey NSW 1/3 of the population is over 60. How do the Boomers downsizing affect the market? Interesting.

  15. The Lowy family sold Westfield for US$25B in 2017. You don't sell out a booming business with a large property portfolio unless for a good reason. I think they knew what was coming. I think we'll see a lot of changes. Government policy on housing, migration and the re introduction of inheritance tax. I think its about time we become fair dinkum with ourselves. George is a relic.

  16. Deary me, the company you keep. 'Positive Property' – straight from the tanning bed that clearly cooked more than his complexion. Deary, Deary me. What on earth would you expect this plastic doll to say when you ask him "Should you still be in the market"? Jesus Christ. Look what this growth regime has produced Mr. North, just look at this vacuous vinyl void. Mr. North. My God, even you are restraining a chuckle, "having more properties is better" because Venice! They shoot horses don't they?

  17. Haha, I love how he uses terms he clearly doesn’t understand

    180 percent turn
    Look at the Property curve
    Lagging indicator

    I’m sure the rba will be getting this blokes opinion how to manage inflation

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