Proposing a buy back scheme for Flood Riddled land

Proposing a buy back scheme for Flood Riddled land

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  1. Hold on guys this is Australia. Just go and camp somewhere while it dries. We the people saw this commie techno buy up. Stay true stay blue as there are sunny days ahead.😎🇭🇲❤

  2. Hearing the word buy back .. the government will be up to something to do with the city..or just having more the end of the day when did government give a sht about ya….

  3. Lismore has been there how long ? And how many times has it flooded until recently? Barium, Sulphur oxide and nano metal, hmmm, what would that be called ? Cloud seeding ? I have newspaper clips from 2009 where they deliberately flooded the Gold Coast. The Council had to demand them to stop. More recently Tasmania had the same thing. They were flooding and the cloud seeding just kept coming. Flooding for Lismore and fires for everybody else. As others have said, VFT and mega cities coming to you. 1984.

  4. The houses were historically built near the river as that is where the transport and economy was. Floods used to be 30+ years apart. It's caused by geo-engineering not global warming/climate change. Global warming is a NWO hoax

  5. It's not 'climate change' causing flooding in these areas. It is the complete lack of storm water infrastructure, planning, foresight by alleged 'government' that does very little, if anything, to manage water flow in this country with any sort of expertise. Obscene amounts of your tax dollars go in pockets though, with little to no result.

  6. Has the local councils or the Queensland government looked even into investing into better storm water infrastructure? I know Queensland is pretty flat along the coast, which I learned while visiting friends in Caboolture. Being someone who lives in a valley in another part of the country it felt weird visiting, It is so flat. The roads have potholes, The storm water drains looked pretty lackluster, some areas have no paths or any storm water drains at all and the very few storm water inlets are not high enough in personal opinion. Looked very similar in the neighboring suburbs also. Better looked after roads, paths and a redesigned storm water system would be of benefit to the community up there. They could also plant some more trees it is very barren land. Trees do help out with absorbing water and slow down soil erosion. I am guessing not much has changed since I visited 5 or so years ago.

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