Protest Against The Permanent Pandemic Legislation – Melbourne – 30.10.21

Highlights footage from the protest against the permanent pandemic legislation in Melbourne today. 30.10.21

Full livestream footage available at:

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. We need to thank the lady Vicpol officer who fell on her sword _ resigned & specifically said publicly the police should not be used to oppose protestors but ensure the safety of those protesting & those who are not involved.
    Seeing that the Protestors were with only a few exceptions entirely peaceful this was the logical & righteous way for the Police to perform their duty anyway.
    Sack Dan Andrews & cut away those that control him & those who support him from Australian Politics.
    Lift up Truth.
    Know Yeshua for eternal life to be yours & peace to reign the world as evil is overcome. Blessings.

  2. Thank you Rukshan for this REAL journalism. It brings my to tears what all this has come to but amazing to see just how many are getting whats going on. Freedom permitted, IS NOT FREEDOM AT ALL!

  3. I truly believe the media are lying about vax numbers , why would they have a lottery of a million dollars up for grabs if you get the jabs , c'mon people it's all bullshit their numbers are fictitious . Much the same as the media claimed only a few hundred protestors here .

  4. People should read the Federal Biosecurity Amendment (Enhanced Risk Management) Bill 2021 which enables the round up of people on arrival in Australia by plane or ship from another country, and their examination for suspected infectious diseases, including taking samples. This proposed law could also be used to round up the unvaccinated or other classes of people. I think the Bill has been read for the first time only.

  5. Seeing those police officers on horseback and all those banners on sticks made me think about what happens when cavalry meets a wall of spears. It's not pretty.

  6. Andrews needed to go a long time ago. But this is getting crazy, even for him. That psychopath is dangerous. Look how many have lost their lives already. Look how many taxpayers have left Victoria. This man belongs in Jail. Instead we pay for him to murder and destroy our lives. FFS. How does ONE MAN EVER BE ALLOWED TO CAUSE SO MUCH PAIN. AND DAMAGE. PERMANENT IRREVERSIBLE