Protest at the Shrine of Remembrance (Melbourne) 22.09.21

This video of the protest at the Shrine of Remembrance (22.09.21) is from my on the ground perspective while reporting. It’s a chronological highlight of key moments that made up the totality of the incidents at the Shrine that day, incidents which have since polarised and divided parts of the nation.

I filmed non-stop for around 4 hours since the moment protesters arrived at the Shrine to the moment police fired on the last remaining groups of protesters to clear the site. Although much has been said by leaders and media personalities in the community that were not present on the day, including our Prime Minister, I’m still not entirely sure what informs their opinions on what took place.

There seems to be a disconnect between the reporting in the mainstream media, and the simple realities on the ground that day. The media have taken isolated incidents that may or may not have even occurred in some instances and then exaggerated them to represent the character of all that were present. Some of the misinformation about people trashing the site, are totally inconsistent with what occurred on the day.

Watch this highlight and if need be the entire livestream for full context: and then compare it to the reporting by the msm and comments made by those that were not present.

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. Those pig cops are just Chairman Dan's thug enforcers. The vets who died fighting for our country would have been cheering on the peaceful protestors, not deriding them like that idiot veteran who showed up

  2. NEVER be fooled. They are manipulative and pretend to be reasonable… but police are now the Enemy. Gestapo. The hands of Tyranny. Shame on every single one of them. HOW DARE they feel worthy to stand on the shrine and fire rubber bullets into unarmed and peaceful Australians. I say let all the criminals out of Gaol and put these thugs behind bars for their crimes against the Nation and its citizens.

  3. Thank you Rukshan for being our Light and Truth amongst all this Evil, I am so disturbed about what is going on in My hometown Melbourne and Victoria and Australia in general. Time for a change … Keep safe and keep up the great work

  4. I have watched no less than thousands of clips/videos/docos etc since the very beggining of covid/Agenda21… Of all the disturbing, unbelievable, shocking, sad, horrifying, upsetting things I've seen (and experienced) this jas been the hardest to watch… I'm at a loss for words to be honest (a first I assure u!) … I am without exaggerating, DEVISTATED to see and now know this is the reality our once beautiful life in AUSTRALIA…
    "..For we are young and FREE.."

  5. This is an incredible video Rukshan, well done. Hard to stop the tears, feeling heartbroken. Everyone spoke from their hearts and with integrity. I feel this represents all Australians at this time – on our own but stronger together, clinging onto what we loved about this country and our lives here, trying to survive the attacks and betrayal by the leaders we thought we could trust.

  6. What happened are the protests loosing momentum all I hear lately is lots of Pod casts and talk , but what is chaging , in reality can anything change until Andrews is removed and charged with human right violations, I fear this will never happen, I can feel the slowing of things and fear we are all starting to loose.

  7. I notice some of the response to people in the posts have come from Dan supporters and pro Vax shills.

    To the detractors of this channel (i.e. Im looking at you Peter Nixon). Regardless of your opinion, you must be a cruel asshole to agree with a Terrorist squad firing rubber bullets at unarmed people in the back.

    Im not Anti-vax. I got a Tetanus injection recently , My family and I are fully vaxed with everything you would expect from childhood until now – Except for C O V I D vax.

    According to the CDC web site, 50% of those that die of COVID are Obese, another 25% have diabetes and a majority or the remainder have other co-morbidities.

    The survival rate is something like 99.87%.

    I don't have any of those conditions, I run between 5 and 8 km most days and I watch my weight.

    I'm not saying it cant kill me, just that according to the data from the CDC (i.e the science) I don't believe I'm at a high risk.

    Therefore, given the lack of testing (according to Pfizer) it's considered experimental until 2023) , many think it's prudent to wait until the trials are completed and maybe even a bit longer to see what the long term effects are – (if any).

    Im 62. My generation witnessed great advancements with pharmaceuticals , but we also saw many terrible things due to poorly tested or inappropriate use of them.

    Anyone who remembers what Thalidomide did, will know how pregnant women trusted the 'experts' and in return they gave birth to deformed children .

    Many of those women fought for more than 30 years for recognition and compensation for what happened.

    Here in Australia, the COVID vaccine manufacturers have full immunity. There is no avenue for compensation .

    Big Pharma can say or do what they like, Its all care no responsibility. If they are so sure of its safety, why would they need immunity?

    Re: alternatives, like Ivermectin. It has been used to treat over 2bill people around the world over the last 50 years .

    Many drugs created for Humans are repurposed for animals, it is disingenuous and borderline evil to misalign something that can potentially save lives, all because Trump said it first.

    BTW, India are using it to great affect now, and they are suing the WHO for claiming it shouldn't be used because its not adequality been tested for COVID. (what about the vaccine?). See here :

    As for me trusting Phizer ? like I said , I’m going to wait a while first.

    finally, The Experts are not infallible. anyone who thinks they are is truly stupid.

    There are many differing scientific opinions , but Dan is only listening to his hand picked ones while others with more credentials are being ignored.

    BTW, recent evidence points to 'scientists' having created the virus in the Wuhan lab in the first place, so you want me to trust them!.

  8. Well done Real Rukshan; thank you for the true and complete story of that day. This is the best tool we have against trigger happy Victoria Police tyrants and the Government who happily order them to shoot peaceful unarmed civilians lawfully standing up for their rights in democratic Australia (supposedly). This Government is not listening to the terrible pain they are causing with their endless ass-covering lock downs and vaccine mandates and the severe long term damage caused to Victorians and the very fabric of Victoria. Hopefully the international pressure will build after seeing films like yours. A few weeks ago, the spineless Premier of Victoria shamefully made the statement, "I honestly do not even know what they are protesting about". Its the Premiers job to know EXACTLY what Victorians are protesting about, and to listen very carefully to what the people are saying and demanding of their Government! Instead they get shot.

  9. Well done Rukshan in chronicallling these protests in this State. Many are brainwashed by mainstream media reports. I onshare your video compilations to show them what you have captured so that people wake up to what is wrong with Victoria at this time. Our democracy and freedom of choice, movement and trade are important and at the heart of being an Australian.

  10. ~Seeing people gathjerimg at the SHrine of rememberance .. asking for FREEDOm ! and for the gestapo Authorities to STOP the abuses, people should be free to go out side to spend tome on the beach .. bbut Why they POLIce are SHOOTING at ppl ???
    THE POLICE was so Misleading and treachorous They were always intent to Assault people , for doing NOTHING !!
    WTHELLis the gestapo dictatorship leaders are doing ?? WHY WHY ..
    these is worthy for A HUGE REVOLUTON .. until full force against this tyranny The Police an the Dictators will ot STOp
    Unfortunately seems like sacrifices neded to be made cause they are still ABUSING U 1!