Protesters gather outside Oakville Trafalgar High School over teacher with massive fake breasts

FULL REPORT by Alexa Lavoie:
Rebel News’ Alexa Lavoie was on the scene in Oakville to hear what protesters had to say about the shop teacher who has been wearing enormous artificial breasts in front of students.

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Written by Rebel News


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    this and the furbies…kids ppl dressing like animals…and defecating in litter boxes..within the school..
    like they said keep your fetishes to yourself..
    stop inflicting it on others.
    Perhaps this teacher would do better in a job like hooters.

  2. Have to laugh at the Liberal paid media all focused on that one guy with an inflammatory sign. Just like with the truckers protest. It'll be interesting to see how the mainstream media paints this protest.

  3. it's you people's fault for not calling this whole "TG" thing out years ago for exactly what it is: It's about the "TG" person enjoying that they are shocking you. Pure and simple. All of this craziness will always progress….if you allow it. Don't go along with. Respectfully resist it.

  4. Come on Doug Ford it's time you did your job and govern.
    Idiot's elected conservative circus clowns and conservative's are afraid of a trans gender teacher. 😆
    More right wing BS conservative's acting worse than the liberals.

  5. How can anyone defending this obscene behaviour around children, look themselves in the mirror.
    I was hoping for footage about the protest. Thanks Rebel for coming through with the real story.

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