Protests Break Out In Europe: Cold Winter Coming

Earlier this week in Germany and the Czech Republic, tens of thousands took to the streets to demand an end to Russia sanctions and the start of the NordStream II pipeline. Then someone blew it up. With better EU/Russia commercial ties no longer an option, how much stronger will protests become? Also today, Kamala Harris tries her hand at foreign policy at the Korea DMZ…with predictable result.

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  1. Amazing isn't it. People will com out en masse for a racist marxist organisation and pull down statues; or come out to protest their bills going up………….you would thnk they woul be marching on the Russian embassies across the world, and throwing rocks at them, indignant that a bullying nazi had invaded another country……….but no. They can't get as much selfish virtue signalling out of that.

  2. And you thought Biden has dementia.. yes.. maybe we should allow China’s economic system just run over the world? Yes .. what about the thousands that ACTUALLY voted with their feet to leave Russia? Is Russia limiting Europeans coming to Russia or is EU ending Russians coming in?
    Who blew up pipeline .. the RUSSIANS YOU IDIOTS!! … Russian apologists … MOVE TO RUSSIA YOU COMMUNIST HACKS

  3. Just cant understand the cech people,given the invasion of them by russia back in 68. You talk about how russia wouldnt destroy their own pipeline but the pipeline was founded and constructed by german gvn. YOU ALL NEED TO UNDERSTAND THIS: letting Putin blackmailing us and letting him get just stronger is WAY MORE DANGEROUS than having to find other routes for our needs ,energy wise. Putin WILL NOT STOP with Ukraine only. Another thing: nothing good came in the world from Russia, only fear and siberian cold. They have only natural resources,nothing else,no leaps in technological devs,no leaps in medicine,no nothing…Dont stand by them anymore,not wothing. Now,dont get me wron, i have NOTHING against russian people,just against their leaderships, all along the history

  4. Russia should thank Europe for financing Russia in Ukraine war. USA should also thank Europe for supporting USA to instigate Ukraine war by repeatedly reneging on its promise over 30 years not to expand Nato eastward to threaten Russia.

    Though Europe is picking up all the major bills and facing the coldest winter, all the benefits go to Russia and USA, unless Europe grow its own mind. Cheers.

  5. It was Marx, Trotsky or Lenin who said, if you don't work, you don't eat.
    People will be used as a resource as are army or worker ant, highly disposable. Wef is of major concern.
    Of course this will solve the problem of overpopulation!

  6. People don't know robots get sent into these pipes for maintenance. Very easily could've strapped bombs to them, send them down and blow them up at various spots. Also if Gazprom turned off the taps that would mean Germany would be suing them in the hundred of billions since they've got multiple contracts that've already had money put into for down the line. These guys don't know what they're talking about.

  7. It is said that Russia offered a Peace deal in which they would withdraw to the original borders of February and leave Ukraine independent in return for dropping the sanctions and a guarantee that Ukraine would never join NATO. What's wrong with that deal? Supposedly the US and UK blocked the deal. The US would never allow Mexico to join the former Soviet BLOC countries.
    Worldwide misery will ensure because of Bidens stupidity.

  8. The way I understand it is the pipeline isn't owned by Russia itself but by investors which are mostly Russian? If so then inner turmoil in Russia is a suspect while many suspect still are on the board. But we all know Russia would never blow up its own pipeline. What is it Americans are saying now? Only Americans blow up their own things? To many Americans on social media calling Russia their mother also. What is that? Sounds wrong to my ears and looks wrong to my eyes.

  9. Theyre not covering this because people might question the black and white narrative around russia. The grey truth about the ukraine NATO puppet regime must Never be discussed.

  10. well, you guys keep electing the same globalist liberals year after year this is only the beginning wait till next winter when all the trees are gone these countries will be burning poop to stay warm are we learning anything yet''' how's that NWO working out. Europe is strong and has been through worse times get those asxholes out of power and set an example for the rest of us I promise you your politicians will be warm and cozy with their bellies full when your people cold and hungry. God Bless our prayers are with you.

  11. These crooks are no different than the crooks of Enron. Manipulating markets to line their pockets. Then they tell you , you can’t burn 🔥 wood to keep warm. Wake up and fight back unless you freeze.

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