Protests outside “Novax” Djokovic’s Detention centre for 4th consecutive day in Melbourne

Some of the best protestors we have seen in Australia in the last two years! Check out that Serbian traditional dancing! Novax Djokovic is quickly becoming a symbol for freedom and choice against government coercion and apartheid.
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Written by Aussie Cossack


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  1. None of these people come out to support normal women and children locked in detention. Sone wanker tennis player gets put in detention and they treat him like god. He should do a swap deal let a refugee family stay and send Djok home!

  2. The question in all this arises, what are the sneaky government slimes doing behind the cover of an emotive issue? Novak is simply a distraction to keep the peasants gaze elsewhere. Working a treat too.

  3. Very interesting but let’s look at the facts. Tennis Australia says he can play because he has already had Covid and doesn’t need to be vaccinated to enter Australia and participate in AO. The Australian government says that it doesn’t matter that he says he has already had Covid he will still need to be vaccinated against it to be eligible to play. Who is trying to pull the wool over who’s eyes here, and if I were a betting man you would have to think that the odds are with the government, but one never knows in this country.

  4. This dance is kolo. It is a Balkan circle dance. There are many forms of it. It can have 2 to thousands of participants. I am from Belgrade, Serbia and love seeing my fellow Serbs supporting Novak in this hard time.

  5. Serbs are a tough people. They have said no to the Ottoman Turks, to the Austria-Hungary Empire, to the Nazis, to Nato, and now they are saying no to Scott! You will not bring Novak down on his knees! The more this goes on, the bigger the embarassment of Australia's government. They have chosen the wrong people to mess with.

  6. Keep dancing ladies! Beautiful ladies of Serbia and all other nations. These parasitic globalists hate to see it.. Any kind of cultural display. They want to destroy your history, your culture, and any other links to your heritage to make you a better, more subservient slave that's easily manipulated by the screens!

  7. This is more than dirty politics, once again Slavs were been discriminated, during the WWII by Hitler Nazis, and now in Australia by Morrison Government.
    GLOBALISM = Modern medical NAZISM

  8. Freedom and Peace all over the world watch this beautifull people and also nice to read lovely comments of our Australian Brothers, we will pass through 2gether the covid , Novak is in a Tournaments bubble isolated around court he will noone endanger in Melbourne and Australia he is not moving there , i hope the RIGHT WILL WIN, join the people there

  9. Hi aussie cossack, love what you do n that you fight for what is right. On a seperate subject, in italy now they are preventing you from paying some tax online so as to force you to go and pay it at the bank but… if you do not have a green pass you cannot enter and pay! Also, if you have an unvaxed lawyer or judge, they cannot defend you. So watch out Australia it will happen here too. Here is link for those of you who understand italian.

  10. The Australian (traitor) government has once again disgraced us before the entire world. I would prefer that we decided elections by tennis match given what elections have delivered us, at least with a tennis match lying and deception can't help you.

  11. It shoudn't be about Novak's status.
    It should be about how other's cannot travel if not vaccinated and how other's lost there income from mandates. So if he plays good, but then it should be the same for everyone!

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