Protests planned Australia wide for Saturday 18th February

We will all be there. Share & FWD.

Written by Aussie Cossack


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  1. Don't feel bad our joe blow here in US joined in with the who. Our leaders sold us out to WEF same as all leaders of the world. My Grandma told me about what they were going to do back in the 70s and they are doing it. Find Jesus cause we are going to need Him in these dark days people.

  2. Keep it going; thank you Jesus 🙏 hallelujah it's all we have to be saved. Fk the bstds that would destroy us and our freedom to have life. They're destined to destroy our beautiful country and our gracious intent for all who wish to know God's wonder and creation for the greater good for humanity. They will never win nor destroy us, as we all will stand for the greater good for everyone and all and for the better for our livelihoods, as God has promised us all and we all wish that for all for the greater good.

  3. Carry a high viz spray..If ANYONE is masked AND rabble rousing—Assume They are plants to cause a riot or at least disturbances.. Spray em like the Friggin sheep they are..So they stand out as troublemakers..Top Tip~ Dont wear good clothes tho.👍🏻

  4. You are fighting for the whole world. We are sick of our dictator trudope the and his sidekick freeland the nazi and the wef. Christian values and family count. The rest means nothing.

  5. Gien the fact ONE MILLION PEOPLE were completely ignored by the UK Government when they demonstrated against the Iraq war…..then it is rather stupid to believe the march will have any effect.
    Tony Blair didnt do too badly out of it though…..Bliar has gone on to amass an estimated £100,000,000 out of all those deaths….not bad for an elected politician on a salary with no visible means of generating anywhere near this amount.
    Note….almost ALL Western politicians supporting the corrupt criminal Zelenski (including the poisoned dwarf himself) are of a certain ethnicity which you cannot mention without being banned by You Tube (owned by the same ethnicity not coincidentally)
    Unilke America Australia does not have a constitution protectung the right to bear arms……once Australians discover that the Australian government has no intention of allowing the public any influence over THEIR policies then arms would be the next step.(Its the same in Britain where the corrupt British government is nothing like a democracy….the British government preplanned for this eventuality by restricting gun ownership….the importation of millions of foreign people against the wishes of the public ensures conflict in the future which will suit the elites nicely).
    Incidently Bliars son has just purchased a house in London valued at 24,000,000 pounds.(the Bliars are Marrano's).Blairs wife is a very highly placed lawyer…..she is hideous in appearance.(see the movie "Ghost Writer" which is based on Bliar indirectly).
    Although Australians think they live in a democracy…..all of the leaders of the march will be on ASIO files….this is illegal of course BUT you have to prove it….and the Freemasons will see to it that this becomes impossible when they override legislation designed to protect the freedom of information etc etc.

  6. Back years ago over the filthy family law court in this country.i went to Canberra to rally with others and 4 people turned up.this is the reason Australia Gov can do what it does.we need to stand together.

  7. The war is really America against Russia and the Ukrainians are those sacrificing their lives. The war will be over when America says it's over. Zelenski or/Putin can not stop this war, they are not allowed to even meet to negotiate a Peace talk unless America says so. (This is just my opinion)

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