Proud Boys Founder Gavin McInnes ARRESTED LIVE On Air According To Associates, Rumors Unconfirmed

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  1. 15:06 SO true! It’s the power that’s the scary part.. the fact that they can take away all your freedoms for a seemingly innocent thing.. it’s crazy.

    I’m really torn about this Gavin situation! I just cannot figure out whether this is a bit or not lmao. But I hope it is at this point. This is too scary!

  2. Been listening to Gavin since Red Eye on FoxNews years ago. He got banned from there too. The only 'lines' he crosses are bad dad jokes and locker room/ gallows humor that stresses out the pussies and leftards. He's goofy and smart.

  3. It;s quite funny. On one hand, as a Canadian, I love some of the freedoms that the US has. On another hand, I wouldn't want to go there even if they let me. which they won't. Barbaric laws for the most inane shit. I'd rather go and live in a dangerous country like Brasil, which I already did for a year and would give my left nut to go back to. Anywhere but this shitshow that is Canaduh.

  4. Exactly what “lines” is he crossing? He’s basically just expressing the disgust that most of us are feeling. I’m pretty sure it’s time for us to actually do something before they teach the 87k diversity hires how to use their weapons.

  5. Two years and he Biden is breaking this country apart. He needs to get out!! He is killing this country. He and Obama is bringing this country to its knees. All in two years. No more!!!!

  6. Listen you can erase the thought of it being a bit. He’s highly professional about his show, he would not do something like that he has never done something like that and if he did it would be completely out of character and unexplainable. The more likely scenario is he got sworn in along with MTG, who also got swatted not even hours earlier.

  7. Tim ever think as it goes down some country worse kept secrets are going to come out? Never know but God knows is go further if I had some real horrible secrets that need be kept no matter what the cost is. Just food for thought 🤔

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