Proud Boys See SURGE In Recruiting Thanks To Biden, But Media WONT STOP LYING About Trump And PB’s

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  1. Chris Wallace asked the question “will you tell them to stand down…”. So Trump replies, “stand down…” So the idiots who don’t know when they’re being set up by a loaded question will claim these were trump’s original words.

  2. Do you disavow white supremacists?
    Yeah, I disavow them.
    White Supremacists.
    Say it in a full sentence.
    I disavow white supremacists.
    Now say it with your hands on your head.
    Now say it hopping on one foot….

  3. Im also finding out that Chris wallace himself asked him to disavow white supremacy 4 years ago. I didnt remember it either. The dude knew he he said jf and railroaded him anyway lime it was the first time.

  4. I looked at the wiki entry for the proud boys a few hours ago.
    Looks like the page was changed to reflect the current narrative defaming them.

  5. Fake news! LOLz. You don't think you can convince anyone you're right. So why not quit? Be productive somewhere else, you seem smart. Well, not smart enough to avoid getting conned by a terrible conman, but hey, nobody's perfect.

  6. "PROUD" : pride goes before the fall
    "BOYS". : Adolescent male.
    They should consider a name change if they want to be effective.
    "Black lives matter".. "anti fascist"
    are dog shite.
    But to say your against them implys
    You a fascist who think black lives don't matter. "Proud Boys" lacks that narrative double punch.

  7. Biden and Wallace calling Proud Boys white supremacists was the best thing for them. Not just are Proud Boys not white supremacists but their ethos shows them classical American and blows the fake news blowhorn to Wiki the SPLS, ACLU and other organizations showing them utter BS. Good job, Biden.. Good job, Wallace. You sent 100s of thousands to their site showing you're garbage.

  8. For the last two years, I've been on the fence about joining the Proud Boys. This vicious news cycle is forcing me to not only defend them multiple times a day, but I'm rethinking my doubts on joining now. I don't like physical fighting. That's a turn off for me, but I'm willing to engage in heated discussion to prove people wrong. I have become a news junkie and a novice politico, but that is strengthening as we move forward. I want truth and facts and to debunk the lies and smears. I refuse to delete my social media accounts because I don't want to strengthen the Left's echo chambers. I'm rolling up my sleeves and rubbing my knuckles on the pavement to fight the lies. I'm proud of this country and everything it stands for. My grandmother came to this country from an actual fascist dictatorship. She wanted to be an American more than anything and she was still proud of her heritage and birth country because of the good people like her and her family that fought and suffered through authoritarianism in its absolute worst form.

  9. I was talking to someone who said that Trump is a fascist because a sign of fascism is human's rights abuses, and they believe that a lack of tax-payer funded healthcare to the American people was considered a human rights abuse (healthcare is a right). He said that the Proud Boys are white supremacist, even though he couldn't point to anything that would suggest they are, and when I told him that the leader is Afro-Cuban and a portion of the members are non-white, his only response was that you didn't have to be white to be a white supremacist.
    You cannot help these people, nothing you say will convince them otherwise.

  10. This is literally the 2+2=5 argument. Their goal isn't to make them renounce "white supremacy". They are trying to get them to say:
    White supremacist = Proud Boys
    White supremacist = Kyle Rittenhouse

    That is why they are saying that just renouncing "white supremacy" isn't good enough

  11. Proud boys do not endorse violence, they endorse the self defence of person and property from left wing radicals… they were pretty much exclusively created as a counter to Antifa. Tim it's a huge difference. even you're fake news on this lol.