Psaki CONFIRMS Illegal Immigrants Face NO Vaccine Mandate, Congress Exempt, Mandate Is Just For You

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  1. I respect anyone that chooses to vax but I ask you to truly deep dive before. Me personally I will not as of right now, 1976 is a great example. With out long term data we don't really know anything. Look how many "great" meds now have class action lawsuits. Then you throw a newish tech for a vax out there, ya I'm hesitant. To top it off between my own research of med docs and CDC/gov numbers, I'm not that worried about getting vax but what long term maybe from it. (Interesting studies on the spike protein and mRNA out there)

    I respect others by wearing my mask in a tight public setting, I don't push my beliefs but ask others to deep dive, and down judge you on your choices (unless in a car, by yourself, wearing a mask….thats just nuts) I wish the best for everyone on both sides of the fence here but you do you and leave me tf alone.

  2. there is a reason why the immigrants will not have this mandate the reason is to keep covid alive and well so they can lock you down or mandate masks its a full contol method if having control over you and everyone else.

  3. id rather go to jail and get free lodging food and water than conform to idiot governments. this isnt the america i served. im utterly ashamed that americans actually buy into this bullshit. just proof covid didnt hit those who matter the least hard enough.

  4. My mom got Covid so bad. She wanted me to get the poke. I am getting it for her. Not for the government, or for and movement. She looks really bad, and I am hoping she doesn't die. I wouldn't force anyone to get it though, but it's not joke.

  5. It's not a matter of getting one shot. They are insisting that we must comply with getting a substance which we know nothing about except what they tell us injected into our body as many times as they deem necessary if we want to continue to work.

    I am unvaccinated and a friend I date is vaccinated. He can still get sick and give me covid. It's not just the vaccinated that are at risk from the unvaccinated. So much doesn't make sense about all of this.

  6. Well then that poor guy dodged a bullet there xD He'll now move on to find someone he actually loves and will love him back, rather than some snooty leftist idiot who's gonna blindly follow the herd to the slaughter.

  7. be clear…no mandated vax for 100 of thousands of migrants at the southern border…no mandated vax for congress….but YOU have to be vaxxed…..protect the vaxxinated from who…does the jab not work…you have to be really naive or stupid to accept this logic.

  8. Why get the jab, if we need to be protected from the virus after we get the vaccination that was supposed to protect us from the virus? If you are vaccinated, you are supposed to be protected already…
    This is idiotic leftist circular "logic".
    What happened to my body, my choice, lefties?

  9. 19:00 You can't get shingles unless you've already had chickenpox. So while chickenpox can be more dangerous as an adult, at least you're safe from shingles, lol. (I had a recent scare when BF got shingles, and I wasn't sure if I'd ever had chickenpox before.)

  10. That would slow down the influx and therefore slow the destruction of the country. Every single thing the Biden administration has done so far serves this single purpose. Even if you go and hang them right now for Treason it could take decades to repair the damage.

  11. Who's more likely to incubate and spread new strains of a virus? An unvaccinated person who if they contract it gets sick and likely stays home in bed? Or a person who's vaccinated with a vaccine which allows them to contract and transmit the virus without experiencing symptoms? That vaccinated person is going to go about their normal life, incubating and spreading the virus as they go.

  12. She does say that she has a 7 year old that can't get vaccinated in the article. Literally the next sentence. So she's worried about having an unvaccinated guy near her kid and 70 year grandmother, not being around her. That makes more sense to me.

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