Psaki CRUMBLES When NY Post Reporter Confronts Her Over Hunter Biden

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  1. Ihor Kolomoyskyi is zellinski boss…!!! Ihor Kolomoyskyi is family of blinken …
    You see Ukraine is just a playground for the American elite. And this war is again good for the military industrial complex and

  2. Why on earth is biden opening the doors to Iran, Pakistan and so forth this is crazy, we have our own recourses here and this idiot is begging countries for their their oil in which we shouldn't be dealing with but what biden is good for is for doing things his way and Look where that's getting us NO WHERE, I say this adm has to go, PERIOD!!🇺🇸

  3. I also have a question for you press secretary …"How is it that this administrations decision, is in the best interests of the American people to release 1.3 billion dollars in sanctions on Iran, when the FDD ( Federation for defense of democracies) has released a report that the Iranian government is only weeks away from building a nuclear weapon"… follow-up question. "Is this current administration at all worried about known jihadist become a nuclear power and why does President Biden seem to be funding them?"

  4. Finally the press asking pointed questions, but I feel like it’s a smokescreen and their just trying to save face. They know the public is on to them about lying all the time.

  5. The US won't join the ICC……. Seems like that should be a top priority. Transparency, accountability… Just a thought but it might destroy the hate that other countries have for us if all were held to the same standards

  6. As a blind man I remember trumps press conferences how his family was treated how he’s treated this goes to show that the corruption is on steroids will remember the videos you’re not getting 1 billion and his son said if it wasn’t for his father‘s name where is a justice in this world

  7. She had a lot to say about it when they were toting their Russian disinformation lies. Now she a no comment on it. This woman is as despicable as they get. And she’s a liar 🤥.

  8. She can read and interpret Joe Bidens mind. She always responds " the president thinks, the president believes, the president knows" wow! She knows whats in his mind, and he speaks thru her, is an amazing medium, don't you all agree?

  9. @ 1:45 he did travel with his "dad" many times to other countries and the very next day Billions of $$$ deals made, imagine if any of Trump relatives made a deal with any country!! cnn will be playing that news 24/7 lol This is the Clinton's way of laundering $$$ but the press and the "fbi" look the other way, I bet that both are getting under the table $$$ and many others

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