Psaki: “I don’t believe that’s exactly what I said.”

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  1. Do the other 'journalists' in that Press room feel any shame whatsoever when Peter asks legitimate questions amidst their softballs?

    Or indeed when he gets openly lied to and dismissed by Psaki,as she knows that there won't be any follow up or support for him from the sycophants.

  2. u guys shitting so much on Psaki, but it is really HARD to making excuse for lots of BS even tho u r good at it.
    I bet u guys will be shitting on her too even if she did a good job on it.

    this is a joke

  3. In the beginning China said it came from the America military so people like gen milly n Dr fauci n this has proved to be more true everyday so why would the people responsible for it bother to actually investigate themselves? they know the truth this is all for show

  4. Her true colors are finally coming through that she is just another angry Democrat angry that we see through her lies and hypocrisy she is already becoming a has been and she knows that she supports a failure and that she will not be remembered for anything that she has done, she is just another liar nice life Jen

  5. In her defense she talks for a living and the information is fed to her as far as what to say. It’s a lot to remember word for word. Particularly when you’re trying to make someone look good.

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