Psaki SNAPS When Reporter Catches Her Lying About Biden Going to the Border

Things got heated when Fox Reporter Peter Doocy caught Biden’s Press Sec. Jen Psaki in a lie about Biden visiting the border. WATCH Reporter catch Psaki lying in REAL-TIME:

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  1. She’s not defensive, she’s just frustrated that she has to actually speak to plebeians who have the gall to question her. She’s condescending, but she isn’t defensive. She’s superior in her mind and resents having to “educate” others.

  2. No but those poor employees have to pay $200 a month extra for their health insurance. Do they do that to drug addicts and junkies and DUI members and people with AIDS and people have had abortions and people with other illnesses like tuberculosis? Are those people paying higher premiums and everybody else.

  3. All the people that came into this country at the border is not Trumps fault, Biden needs to own all those illegal immigrants that came into our country, definitely not Trumps fault

  4. Mandates are not laws. There for they can't be enforced. Laws have to be past thru congress and senate then sent to the president to be signed into law. What Brandon trying to do is socialism. Sorry Brandon we are a democracy. LETS GO BRANDON.

  5. If she can twist words, I can twist words. The immigration policy doesn't separate kids from their families… The people going to a country whose policy will separate them are separating their own families.

  6. Biden and his minions have destroyed everything they touch.. killed innocent 🇦🇫 people in pulling out,, left American stranded in Afghanistan. Armed the same people that drove 2 plains into the twin towers. Then you kill ten civilians on a drone mission. Inflation and prices are unbelievable. Know that China and the Middle East have gotten rich off our back. You have no fight u are a coward, the thief and commander

  7. I just saw new video footage of another 3000 man army without uniforms heading to cross our southern border. It’s time to protect boys!! Against all enemies foreign and domestic. We’re being invaded. Remember your history!!

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