Psychotic Jim Cramer Calls for Universal Vaccine Mandate Enforced by the Military

CNBC host Jim Cramer has lost the plot.

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  1. Am normally calm and measured because it’s the best way to ensure a point is delivered in a credible manner. But in this instance, the drawbridge will be raised. Two words to this shill for pharma: F*ck off!

  2. For anyone unaware, the vaccination is not a cure and never was, no vaccine is a cure for anything. Hell, it doesn't even compete with natural immunity. Why would a healthy person with no ailments need to get it?

  3. It's as if all the sheep who stood in line to be vaccinated first are now somehow terrified that they've made the wrong decision and can't bear to think there are people out there, wiser than themselves, unvaccinated. They're literally trying to drag everyone else down with them.

  4. So let me get this straight;
    He's a stocks and shared expert
    He was advising people to invest in pharmaceuticals
    And now he is pushing for more people to get the vaccine ?

    If I were a betting man , I'd wager he was bought and paid for long ago.

  5. now we all experience how orientals feel, this mask wearing is annoying and too sanitary – people need outside bodies to evolve/endure (yeah some will die, but that is how animals evolve, always and forever).
    Only good thing about the global mask wearing is the fact that you can get away 100% during most petty crime (get clothes from some cheap 2nd hand and especially during winter your whole body is covered anyway while outside).
    If you're poor just embrace the new opportunity that dropped on your la..face

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