Puberty blockers and gender identity – making claims that aren’t true (from Livestream #123)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #123 (originally streamed live on April 16, 2022):


4thWaveNow on sex ed for 5th graders:’s “instructional” video on gender identity:

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  1. Prediction: ten to twenty years from now you hear commercials saying "were you prescribed puberty blockers? If so, you may qualify for our class action lawsuit. "

  2. EXPERTS SAY we can shut down the economy and turn it on again. No problem.
    EXPERTS SAY sure we can give you hormones to stop puberty. We can just turn it back on.

  3. It is my opinion that identity is to being as a shadow is to any object – perpetually missing a dimension and defined in part by its incompleteness. If you claim your identity is who you are, what you are saying is your surface is your only substance. We should not make fundamental changes to society to accommodate these kinds of vapid displays. The people who believe in this garbage are nothing but plastic wrap. There's not even a product inside. They are the packaging itself.

  4. What’s weird to me is I don’t recall any sex Ed being taught when I was in school or my children were in school at this age. I’m speaking about the sex Ed where you learn about pregnancy and std’s etc. This was taught in high school, if at all, depending where you lived. Now all of a sudden we need to address gender identity and all these complicated subjects to FIFTH graders??!!!

  5. I have been thinking about this too. I have a limited friend group on Facebook, yet out of 250 people, at least 6 have trans kids and 3 or more friends are new trans adults. It seems like a lot. I imagine they’d all have very different answers when asked what makes a person a boy or a girl, and why they don’t relate to the gender they were born into. I feel like I know way too much about peoples sex preferences nowadays, can’t we just say love is love and appreciate who we are and stop labeling everyone ?

  6. This is the same mindset which convinced people to slaughter innocent people on alters. This way they get to sacrifice them and then continue to enjoy the torture for years.

  7. When the majority wake up & realize the small number of people advocating this nonsense…it will end very quickly. Society will have to manage the tsunami level backlash that will follow.

  8. The people promoting this are deprived and sick. There is an agenda behind this and when combined with everything else that is going on, it seems that the goal is to destroy our society.

  9. It is possible that you may not know this, but back in the 50s and 60s we had a PE teacher. Divided by sex. We spent one semester in high school looking at movies concerning the dangers of getting a bad sexual disease. Kind of like what they showed to the military back in those days. It was so embarrassing for us all, but at least we were just girls watching together. Cannot imagine what it would have been like if guys were in the room.

  10. I have no "inner sense of masculinity", nor do I have a gender identity. I acknowledge that I am a man, but I have not internalized that into my sense of self. Feels like someone else is making claims about how I see myself.

  11. I was sexually molested by a granddaughter from birth to 14 years old. When I was 12 I had a strong feeling I was in the wrong body and it was awful. I told my mom and she simply explained it wasn't possible and the feeling would soon go away. It was gone in a few days.
    Five years ago my nephew told his mom he had that feeling. She immediately rejoiced and bought him a padded bra and female clothing. The only photos of him she has ever posted in his entire life were of him dressing as a girl. Every gift she gives him is rainbow and feminine. She approved puberty blockers when he was 16. He is miserable and suicidal. His mother will never accept him as a son as she completely ignored him until he was her 'daughter'

  12. As a man I'm waiting on a new feminism to put down the toilet seat of reality and send crazythink to it's room …because it is grounded …. forever. Also I wish Christopher Hitchens, Anne Rand and Charles Krauthammer were here for this, I bet we would have a more vigorous shove towards action and a greater resistance than a collective ( UHGGG, I'm exhausted! )

  13. Lack of insight is a disease called schizophrenia. A delusion is abnormal and makes for persons who must be superior and perfect in compensation for poor insight or self hatred. Mental illness is a real disease just like physical diseases. If there is now no mental illness then we must just shut down medical practice for all. If I say I am not diabetic and refuse treatment I will die. Accept your humanity, imperfect as it is, and get treatment. No matter how much you want to be perfect and above illness it is not healthy. It's ok to be sick as long as you accept it and try to help yourself by getting help. You are not a superior form of human to be praised or worshipped.

  14. What is the big picture? What is the goal of all this nonsense? All people feel uncomfortable i their bodies. This jump to puberty blockers is a disastrous step and totally over the top. Unnecessary and avoidable. Is the agenda to create an entire generation of warriors for the left?

  15. Over the years, there have been less female mathematicians and scientists because society suppressed women, having nothing to do with gender identity. We can not allow these sick fucks to continue on with this harmful nonsense.

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