Public Discussion with Professor Nikolai Petrovsky on MRNA Technology.

Prof Petrovsky’s Career
Flinders University South Australia
• College of Medicine and Public Health
• Director of Endocrinology – T2D and Vaccine research
• Professor of Medicine
• Founder of Vaxine a vaccine development company funded by USA National Institute of Health (NIH) to develop novel vaccine technologies.
• 1979 – Bachelor of Medical Science
• 1982- Bachelor of Medicine
• 1998 – PhD
Has been involved in the development of vaccines for
1. Influenza
2. Hepatitis B
3. Sting Allergy
4. Malaria
5. Japanese Encephalitis
6. Rabies
7. HIV
Authored 90 scientific papers and book chapters.

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  1. The vaccines should be cancelled immediately and those responsible held to account. Unvaccinated Australians are now second class citizens and prisoners in their own country. Disgraceful blatant act of hypocrisy and the medical and law fraternities have fallen in lockstep with this agender.

  2. God pleased yous and give you strength to fight for the good of humanity my respect to you the should be uncountable for forging something they are not know and the sad thing is given to children

  3. You would first have to subscribe to the theory that viruses exist to believe that vaccinations against them equates to improved health outcomes. Regardless- Professor Petrovsky's message is invaluable information for the general masses who continue to believe in virology.

  4. I like what he has to say, but he is being a bit ingenuous about whether there is a virus. What he is admitting is that they first just made an exosome from a published sequence, then claimed they are taking lots of different tyupes from people coming into the country, but t his doesn't say anything to whether they are infectious!! The fact remains, no-one went to the cadavers of the original "infected" and grew virus from their tissues, and published that. I still say – no-one has proved that there is an original virus which is infectious.

  5. Excellent Q&A although he didn’t actually address the question about herd immunity. We’re certainly not seeing herd immunity with these vaccines.

  6. BIG THANK YOU to Nikolai Petrovsky for stepping out of this corruptive society to share insight into the truth and stand up for the good of humanity. You are a role model that humans can trust and should look up to. Thank you also to his courageous and honest supporters for stepping out into the light with him. There is hope in humanity because of you ☺️

  7. First public presentation of Covid vaccines and their supposed general efficacy, as well their untried and highly experimental status, that I have heard and for me it raises serious concern on the garbage trotted out as effective life saving vaccines being forced on to us by our respective governments and their intelectualy deficient CMO advisers.

  8. The DNA of the nucleus is the holiest of holies, you think humans can possibly understand messing with billions of years of evolution? Russian roulette with the survival of the human race..

  9. Professor, I saw a interview with Canadian Dr Charles Hoffe regarding testing for blood clotting using the D-dimer test after vaccination with the mRNA vaccines.
    It shows major increases in the levels in 62% of people he tested!!!
    Will your vaccine give different results as it still uses the Spike Protein?

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