Public Health Experts Recommend Orgies During Monkeypox Outbreak | Ep. 997

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00:00 – Opening
02:03 – Public Health Experts Recommend Orgies During Monkeypox Outbreak
15:27 – Matt Gives A HUGE Family Update
19:12 – Soros Doubles Down On Funding Leftist DAs Despite Rampant Crime Wave
29:40 – Some Moments Of Cringe From The White House
36:55 – Law Suit Filed Because Of Sesame Place Character’s “Racial Discrimination”
43:20 – Gordon Ramsay Under Fire For Picking Lamb To Eat
46:21 – The Comments Section
53:38 – Beyonce Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, public health experts encourage gay men to continue having orgies and attending fetish festivals in spite of monkeypox. What exactly explains the incredible contrast between the monkeypox response and the covid response? I have a theory. Also, reptilian demon spawn George Soros pledges to continue funding and facilitating the violent chaos in our cities, more victims of alleged Sesame Street racism step forward (and demand cash), Gordon Ramsey faces backlash as TikTockers discover with horror where their food comes from, and in our Daily Cancellation, even Beyonce is not safe from the woke mob. All of that and more today on the Matt Walsh Show. 
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Written by Matt Walsh


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  1. As the mother of three adult children I can assure you, the hard work in the early years absolutely pays off. And you've got the other kids to help you this time. You'll do great. Congratulations!

  2. I'll never forgive you for making me listen to that spazz song. I'm physically sick, I'm gonna throw up. I'm not joking. 🤮 I wrote this before I finished the video where you actually mentioned throwing up

  3. I can't imagine anything more disgusting than a SF "fetish festival". Let them spread the misery. If they have so little care and self-control even in the face of the current outbreak, they deserve it.

  4. Notice how the Sesame Place article, like many others these days, capitalize "Black", but not "white". There are overt and subtle movements to degrade or otherwise ostracize White folks. Constantly. This has happened historically during the gulags in Russia, Jews in Europe, in Cuba, etc.

  5. Lol at 17:32. You’re a multi-millionaire! wtf you have to panic about?! If it gets too tough you can literally buy help. It’s not like you now have to worry about making bills, keeping a roof over your head, going hungry, or even daycare expenses so you can go back to work and make that bread. You can literally do a Pete “Booty-Jig” (be gone for two months) and be just fine. You ain’t strugglin’ bro. In fact your days of strugglin’ are forever over but good on you for speaking up for the little ol’ working class people. We sooooooo appreciate it. Thanks, mate.

    P.S. come to think of it, we’re not here for your baby updates. I imagine if any other guy just started babbling about this around you you’d have them “cancelled” for not being manly and whiny. You (rightly) chastise people for putting their sexuality on display but here you are doing the same. The only difference is your heterosexuality versus their homosexuality. Therefore, today you are now cancelled. Godspeed, Matthew.

  6. Awesome news Matt! But you’ve got some catching up to do before you have enough children to become theocratic dictator. As a Mormon, I have over 120 first cousins. One of my uncles has 18 kids with his wife haha

  7. Build more prisons, put yourselves all in them! America land of the prison, is he suggesting that it is somehow a sign of a healthy Society to have as many people locked up as the United states? No there's no systemic problems leading to crime just ignore those! Stupid!

  8. Your leaders molest children, have you people forgotten about bohemian grove? Build more prisons put yourselves all in them! I suppose the levels of Hedonism and decadence at the highest levels are nothing to consider in regards to General societal degradation.

  9. America has allowed its police and authorities to become corrupt and criminal themselves, you self righteous bastards. When are you people going to wake up to the fact that your systems are broken and twisted?

  10. To take the point about beliefs a step further, yes we universally accept nowadays that slavery is abhorrent but what beliefs do people espouse today that will in time be obviously reprehensible? The idea that kids know a damn thing about their gender identity has got to be high on the list.

  11. I'm a struggling army veteran, and I let the PTSD bug bite me on the rear end. This happened to me before, and I didn't reach out, and ask for help because I was to dang prideful to burden others. I dug my own hole without anyone's help, so why should ask them to throw me a rope. "Pride cometh before the fall." Pride is the deadliest sin, and that's not an opinion, it's a fact. It's not just a faith based belief, and I learned that the hard way. I became malnourished, sick, homeless, jobless, and I completely lost myself for a few years. I don't know who the person I became was, but I know who the person I became wasn't, and that's me. During that time, I'd lost my faith in Jesus, I abused alcohol, and almost drank myself to death. I avoided human contact, I was dishonest, and hid things from people who loved, and cared about me. I was fully consumed by hate, paranoia, sadness, self pity, and self hatred. When it was at it's worse, I was so far gone that I believed, the world would be a little better off without me, and I felt pathetic for not having the nerve to make it happen. Nothing about who I became, is in any way, who I was before, and who I am now. My Dad, my Mamaw, and my Papaw found me, and pulled me out of the mud. They saved my life. They got me back in a home, helped me find work, and got me to see a therapist. I still struggled for a long time. The doctors tried just about everything. Medication, breathing techniques, meditation, physical exercise, yoga, and even hypnosis. In the end, I learned that, medication made me worse because, I'm not mentally Ill, I'm mentally damaged, I'm mentally injured, and I eventually learned, a healthy brain should be traumatized after experiencing war, and it's those who come home without PTSD, who are mentally Ill. Just leaning that helped me feel better, but I wasn't 100% until I found purpose. I needed to do something that I cared about, and I needed to do something that I knew, provided value to others.  The people who saved me before aren't around to save me now, and they made me promise, if I ever find myself in a situation I can't get out of without help, that I would bury my pride, and ask for help nomater how humiliating it was. I am in bad financial situation, and don't have much time. I owe 3 car payments that total around $1000, my registration is expired, and that's around $300, I'm a door dasher, so If my car gets repossessed, I'm gonna really be in trouble. I'm almost 2 months behind on rent for a total of around $1700. If I get evicted. I have absolutely nowhere to go, and I really don't have much to eat, but I'm so used to it, I don't really feel hungry anymore. I've managed to fight the anxiety enough to finally get myself up, and out, but now I feel the walls closing in on me, and that's making it pretty difficult to maintain. As far as charitable organizations go, in my experience, no matter how many qualifying factors I've met, not a single one has ever provided me any assistance. The only thing they've ever done with me, is take my donations. Besides, I'm not going to wait around like a goon waiting for some organization to do all of the work, marketing, and collecting donations from people to maybe help me out. Most of the money they received has to go towards maintaining the organization anyways. I'll market myself, and 100% of whatever anyone who donates will go directly to the cause. I have a venmo account, and debit card for that account. The hard part is getting enough people to see this. I made a video, and posted it on YouTube, so people can see who they're helping. It's a terrible video, and I stuttered nervously through the whole thing, but I still did it. Please, if you can, anything is better than nothing, and if you can't, or don't want to. Just passing this along for others to see would help out tremendously. My venmo username, a link to the video I made are down below. Thank's to all who took the time to read this, and God bless y'all.

    Introduction Video link:

    Venmo Username: @Zachary-Haney-8

    Venmo Link:

  12. George Soros should not be allowed to fund Our DAs.We try everything to help underprivileged communities. Soros is full of crap. This is a cultural (the Black Community) problem.

  13. The idiots from LA county went to riverside county and to ALL places Norco
    That’s horse country
    Most everyone is strapped
    Everyone I know is either a CCW holder or believes the 2A is their right to carry
    These thugs should stay in their county of Gascon and get released on no bail
    In riverside county you’ll be breaking rocks and picking trash or getting medical attention, then charged the cost of hospitalization
    Stay in Inglewood or maywood, otherwise you’ll be picking lead and breaking rocks here.
    The market and liquor is my go to guy, he’s a nice old man, but mean as a rattler if you poke him.
    Riverside county is not LAs Garcetti
    Yoga pants can run away to India, but we’ll stay here and protect ours.
    Thanks to my Rush replacement, sweet baby Gang.

  14. I feel so sad for Matt at that last section just because he had to go through it again with us and read it all out loud. My hat goes off to you Matt haha

  15. Now that you said that "most of us won't"; you know about 26 reports are probably being made right now across the interwebs with your name. Lol should've never said it. Also congratulatwins by the way.

  16. Wait until you find out that Kamala's puppet masters can actually manipulate the weather (H.A.A.R.P / geoengineering) and that the bad weather was a punishment for not letting them get their way.

    I believe The Simpsons had an episode about this – chem trails come before they use their weather machine to create bad weather.

  17. Don’t expect them to moderate their behaviour to reduce the risk, heaven forbid…! It’s a bit like the pro choice abortion lobby… they NEVER make reference to responsible contraception . There is always a high price to pay when all notion of shame is removed from society and it is the innocent who end up paying it!

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