Punished for GOOD credit 🤦‍♂️

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Written by Clown Planet


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  1. Republic law makers will be silent. How to make people rent not buy. Why compete why theres no gain for anyone but the 1%. To make people give up on being better to get better rates why try?. Old charles shawb keeps says rent everything own nothing. You all are blind.

  2. They already did this kinda bullshit and it caused 2008 and the wreckage from that hasn't even been close to digested…only after a complete crash out will we be rid of that.

  3. We already subsidize those who don't want to work in Australia, this is just the same thing.
    They live in government housing and behave badly, yet get away with it all.

  4. As someone with no credit this hurts me more that the people with shitty credit and bad money management skills. trying to live debt free lately gets me treated like some sort of criminal. Three phone companies refused to sell me a phone last year because I wasn't in debt with credit. I out right bought a phone and got billed more than the phone in fees and surcharges.

  5. How about scrap the completely moronic economic system, it doesn't reward hard work & effort. As Trump said "the system is completely rigged, I know because I use it". We're being played for fools and suckers, what flavor are you?

  6. Hooray for the poor tax! Love how Dems always rant about taxing the rich and now Biden is mega taxing low income high credit hard working people. Fuck this. Everyone ought just refuse to pay it.

  7. Surely not??? Is this actually going to happen to debt-free, upstanding, hardworking Americans from May 1st? As someone else says, why are you not on the streets making sure that Brandon and his mates realise that it's not acceptable?😢

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