‘Puppet’ Biden avoids Oval Office events due to lack of teleprompter

Joe Biden has been labelled a “puppet” after Politico reported his administration avoids holding press conferences in the Oval Office as it can’t be “permanently equipped with a teleprompter”.


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  1. Australia has no idea what Sky news is doing. This is the raising doubt phase in preparation to make the Aussies doubt the truth, confuse the issues. "Puppeteer". Classic propaganda, you too can be as stupid as all Fox viewers.

  2. …lumber prices are astronomical and you built a copy of the White House press room across the street so you can have a tv tell you what you can and can’t say? Well, color me crazy!!!

  3. Joe Biden isnt fit to run again he has dementia , also has really damaged the economy buy shutting down the petroleum pipeline and putting sanctions on that energy industry

  4. The problem is the real President won but the corruption of the Left along with their Rhinos pulled off a blatantly in our face theft where they installed their puppet. The proof is staggering yet no one has been made to pay so how will any election be fair going forward? If they were allowed to do this once what's to stop them again or for that matter have they done it before?

  5. what a shocker ? brain dead Joe can't speak a word without one ? but ! the mainstream media always wants you to believe he makes powerful and iconic speeches when ever he speaks ? you gotta be Woke to believe that 😂

  6. I'm sick of this old guy who is a liability instead of an asset. Shouldn't he steps down, instead of pretending that he was doing well when in fact it was on the contrary.

  7. His responses to ROE V. WADE were spot on. Well thought out answers to hard questions. Trump has not done, or could not do that.

  8. am not supporting Ukraine because of what America tried to do to Prince Andrew. It's outrageous he was smeared by the American press at the same time that man from Ukraine- Zelensky is treated so nice? It makes my british blood boil. Americans treat peasants better case in point Meghan Markle? Really for her so much love? Americans really love their peasants royals not so much.

  9. He does not use the White House Oval Office because he is not allowed. Biden is not the legitimate President and by the military not allowed. When he hurt his leg is where he was wearing an ankle bracelet because he had been arrested just like Jill. He's a prisoner and a TV show. Wake up!!!!!!!

  10. He is dumb and cognitively challenged with a useless back-up…a.k.a. Kamala, not to mention surrounded by a corrupt Family!!!!! If you are not having a good day and you want a laugh, just listen to Dumbo Joe's speeches!!!!!!

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