Putin Activates Nuclear Defenses, Russia TV Threatens To NUKE US And NATO, Belarus To JOIN Russia

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  1. To many, this news may be horrifying. Personally however, I am revelling in the possibility that I will soon be living in a wasteland where; violence is de riguer, dune buggies and large haulage vehicles adorned with skulls, lunatics playing electric guitars/flame throwers and harpoon cannons reign supreme. Equally as titillating is the prospect that leather with spiked shoulder pads, mohawk hairstyles and face paint made with animal blood will be thoroughly in vogue.

  2. I never can understand the whole nuke thing due to the fact that if nukes are used we all die. It's sucide, sure you'll wipe out your enemy but you'll end up destroying yourself just a little time down the road. You'll give instant death to your enemy while you suffer the fallout.

  3. That "food and water" advice is actually spot on. Here in Germany, all this year round prices are going up, bit by bit, 5 cents here by 5 cents there. Very subtle, practically undetectable if one does not keep both eyes open.

  4. I had a very extremely vivid dream last November in late 2021 that me and my family were running in what seemed like a wasteland with broken and flattened buildings everywhere and ran And hid into a large pile of concrete rubble that was just the first floor intact of the building, there was a basement with an elevator that goes to it. But the elevator had a lock on it. I remember none of us not being able to open the lock for our lives. Then a sliver propeller driven military aircraft flew overhead in the distance maybe a few miles or so away and dropping something and we all huddled together and watch out of a window the thing fall then exploded into a blinding white light that came towards us and we all hugged tightly until the blinding light reached us with a deafening roar and right as it hit and the building seeped away and we were engulfed in the blinding light I woke up. I pretty much broke into tears and was acted shitless because of how sad, scary and real it felt. Now I’m thinking it may have been a warning from a higher being. I hope this just remains just a dream and doesn’t really escalate and make my dream a reality

  5. what are u saying tim? Im from Lithuania and we have border in west with Kaliningrad, heavy militarized part of ruski and in east we have a border with belarus. Belarus is the same as ruski, BS of the week proves it

  6. It's weird. This is all you do and you aren't aware of the BS out there? Me thinks you aren't researching like you did once before. This reminds of your pre pro Trump stance. It was great to see you dig in and find out all the medias bullshit. Can we get back to that Tim Pool? The hungry Tim Pool? Please?

  7. We call the Russian guy the "propagandizer in Chief" when he says something. He's got counterparts here in America, doesn't he? We have our own propagandizers in Chief. I couldn't tell you what the Russian point of view is. Western media never allows the Russian point of view to be presented and discussed.

    I AM SICK TO DEATH ABOUT ALL THE PROPAGANDIZING BY WESTERN PRESS! It has pushed Russia and China and India, three monstrously large nations, together in a common cause by excluding some from participating not only in organizations like NATO but even having their voices heard in the public forum. We conservatives certainly know something about having our views censored, being canceled by "the woke" (a misnomer if ever there was one).

    When Putin first came to power he asked to join NATO and he was told no. When the EU was forming he asked for Russia to be a part of it and was told no.

    Western nations have been hypocritical bullies on every level from world finance to military dominance. It has been incredibly stupid of our gov'ts to exclude mighty nations like Russia. The Piper will be paid. The bill is coming due. For one thing Russia and China and India have a parallel financial system where the dollar is not the standard, the yuan is.

  8. Putin has stated many times he would NOT be the one to fire first. He has stated a world without Russia to him is no world at all. He would NOT destroy his own country ffs. He's on deterrence as every country does during war. The only difference is we haven't been on the brink of war with a country that has Nukes since the 80s. Just chill tf out ffs. They've just asked for talks-.-

  9. If you want to say that Putin is just sabor rattling, know this Putin is x KGB the man doesn't play games. Also know this our idiot in office could get us up to our ears in shit and that makes it very very hard to breathe. Is Ukraine worth it.

  10. If you are unwilling to use force when force is used upon you, you will forever be a victim. This applies to nuclear weapons just as much as a pocket knife. We don't live in a world so sweet that moral victories decide winners.

  11. You know, I hate the fact that I can understand Putin better than I can understand our own leaders. In his opinion and I don't agree with this, if the entire world is against us and is no longer assisting us, then there is no difference to him whether there are people there or an empty crater. Worst of all, you have NATO and all the countries not willing to make any major moves because it'll be the start of WW3 and may cause nukes to thrown. I don't know what this would be like if Donald Trump was in office, but I'd hope that he would make a better move than this. I think the only reasonable option is a swift and powerful deterrent that makes them stop dead in their tracks or staying the fuck out of it. Just slowly wittling down a country that will not have anything to lose and can toss nukes like fireworks is silly.

  12. The people pushing for war are the first ones who would be killed in a war. They are dumb, so dumb. Their lives are boring and they are failures so they want everyone to suffer to make themselves feel better. They are mentally deranged.

  13. In January 2020 Putin flooded the market with Petroleum in an attempt to crash the world economy, President Trump purchased most of that petroleum and replenished our strategic reserves that were sold off by the Obama administration to 'lower' the deficit.. Those reserves are being sold off by the Biden administration (Obama 2.0) instead of being used to mitigate the rising cost of oil..

  14. Ha ha ha ha ha … Did you actually watch Wargames? Like that was the whole premise of the movie — they took the humans out of the equation specifically for that reason — that when push came to shove people would not turn the key.

  15. The sad part is Putin/Russia isn't totally in the wrong here. This has been building for decades, and it doesn't take much research to find EVERYTHING on msm and social media is lies.

  16. In one Video a guy pulls up to a tank and asks if he was broken down, guy says he was out of fuel. The guy asks if he can help and Tow him back to Russia. The Russian laughs. It was funny, but I have seen live leak stuff that is real and they have taken soldiers, prisoner.

  17. Come on Tim pool. That's just silly to say. If we had just let Hitler take over Europe we wouldn't be dealing with any more wars either. No one would be born with genetic diseases because their grandparents would be dead.

  18. lmfao I'm sure the ukrainian woman who does not speak English as a primary language meant "new world order" in some conspiracy concept 😂 Jesus way to grasp at straws timpool. She probably meant order as in restoring stability to the world.

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