Putin and China just did the unthinkable and the West is in big trouble | Redacted w Clayton Morris

Russia joined forces with China to create a new reserve currency. This new currency will be based on rare earth minerals like gold, silver, uranium and more. This is a massive challenge to the US dollar dominance which isn’t based on gold or anything.

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Written by Redacted


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  1. And china supplies 90% of all rare earth metals. Oh and check out Uranium one, Clinton essentially sold the mining rights of uranium in the US to a Russian backed mining

  2. Russia and China finally figured out which 5 elements are in abundance in their countries.. and are like “Uhhhh..yep.. these 5 elements constitute the new world exchange currency” 🤦🏼‍♂️

  3. Correction: ~ 4:00 in…Russia has NOT made it impossible for foreign leaders to trust Russia and China. The Collective West/US has, for many decades – and particularly re Russia since the breakup of USSR since Mr. Putin, who has been honest and speaking truth forever – has made it impossible for them, or ANY COUNTRY, to trust the USA particularly.
    It's all the US's fault. We're the baddies, and I wish I could be a Russian citizen. They're decent, moral, culturally civilizational, well educated… so much as a whole.
    The USA gov is a sh!thole. And we let it happen.

  4. Australia has the worlds largest reserves of Uranium and is the 3rd largest exporter after Canada and Kazakhstan. The US can increase its uranium from Australia, which can end reliance on Russia

  5. Number one.
    Get saved. Believe the gospel. 1 Corinthians 15 : 1234
    Number two.
    If you are not a believer, refuse the mark of the beast. Do not go to hell.
    Revelation 13 : 15 – 18
    All nations were just decieved by pharmakeia. Revelation 18 : 23

    It's time to shut up. And read God's word. These verses take 5 minutes.

    Eternity in hell fire.

    Roll those dice, be an emotional fool.
    Or be logical.

    Read the word of God. Read the truth.

  6. Americans lets start to work. Do not go to wellfare work because Chinese Russians Indians africans, latinoamericans are working while we are crying how much we suffer. Buying buying things we do not need. Americans from de foutys were very hard workers. No politics ted cruz rubio menendez democrate pelosi obsma we need to place a limit how many turns can be elected.

  7. Same regurgitated crap. Cope and seethe while the world writhes to futilely fabricate an alternative to the reserve currency.

    And I have no problem with applying force to preserve the status quo until a better system not detrimental to us can be devised.

  8. The West is totally deluded and has its head up its ass. I doubt if the Russian and Chinese official gold reserves are what they actually have. Gold analysts think China may have many thousands of tons. Has the US 8,000 tons of gold?

  9. US dollar isn’t backed by gold BUT it’s strength is ENFORCED by its military strength…..🤔 HOWEVER….if US PAPER is no longer able to buy the minerals to create the strong military then…… which comes first the chicken or the 💣????

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