Putin and Russia are being crushed into “oblivion” says new report | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Are Russian sanctions really harming Russia or are they harming working class Europeans? Fire wood shortages are being reported across Europe as winter looms, even in countries that did not vote for Russian sanctions. Winter is coming and it’s going to be ugly!

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Written by Redacted


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  1. My friend is Russian and lives in Moscow, she is doing fine, her observations are prices are a little higher in some things but overall she carries on as normal and she has a young daughter to care for.

  2. I look forward to USA slipping into oblivion; for "Pride goeth before destruction".
    8:05 10% sounds like a lot to me; I'd hate to have a 10% pay cut. I'd hate to have 10% of my neighbours made homeless. Or 10% of my family lose their jobs. I don't believe the World can afford a 6% cut in Ni, or 4% cut in Al or a 2% cut in Cu. these cuts could easily double the price of these commodities. Anyone working in electrical trades will have noticed the climb in copper prices. Russia has been an increasingly important producer in the last decade.
    14:00 I too would stop supplying goods and services to my customers if they wouldn't (couldn't) pay me. What hypocrisy; accusing Russia of using its gas as a "game play"; who was it who imposed sanctions?
    Why does this woman, Ms. Baerbock, speak in English and not Deutsche; it must be to "virtue signal" to USA that Deutschland rulers are doing USA's dirty work. "Please look favourably on us, your humble servant, almighty USA" She certainly doesn't want to speak to (let alone serve) her electors.
    21:25 Rations don't hurt the poorer, high prices hurt them. Rationing would be good; if Ms. Kardashian and her ilk were rationed, when her pool had evaporated off her allotment she could go thirsty. That may teach the wasteful wealthy that we're all in this together.
    Wood fires aren't sustainable; they are very inefficient burners and produce a lot of pollutants. Natural gas is much cleaner burning. Being composed of very short chain hydrocarbons they produce much lower proportions of CO2 per heat, where wood being (mainly) cellulose produces much more CO2 and, because it incompletely burns, much more CO and dangerous particulate matter.

  3. Even assuming that Western sanctions will destroy the livelihoods of Russian citizens, this will not "stop Putin". A large majority of Russians agree with Putin that the West is using Ukraine to subvert Russia. Sanctions will likely only increase the average Russian's hatred of the West and add fuel to their fighting resolve.

  4. So, this is 2022, and Europeans need to go chop down their forests to stay warm, but Russias economy is falling into "oblivion".
    The same leftists running Europe are running Yale et al. They are not "elite", they are compromised. Yale has fallen victim to the most deeply irrational system of beliefs since communism.
    We'll redefine some words like "economy" and "oblivion", and clearly Russia is paying a very steep price indeed.

  5. Annalena Baerbock, how is Russia playing games with you? EU has sanctions as a commodity, and Russia has energy as a commodity. Use sanctions to heat your homes, and operate factories and industries. EU became prosperous due to cheap energy from Russia feeding its industries.

  6. Why are all these country's following the USA ,they are so dumb,inviting hardship on there people,by going with the orders of the USA ,these sanctions hurt the inhabitants not the Russia, Putin is not dumb ,this is planning at its best winter is just around the corner ,time is unpredictable in these times ,you could be looking at the most severe winter in history ,you are seeing the heat wave in Europe ,fire burning every where ,so sorry for all these people who depends on these leaders they elected to kill them all..

  7. FACT: FIRE consumes oxygen and emits Carbon Dioxide. Whatever you are burning those will be the results. And our planet stopped warming some time ago. Or we would not need to employ all these measures to survive the cold. The Elites would rather see us burning wood than depleting their precious fossil fuels. If we bring CO2 down far enough the trees will have nothing to breathe and there will be no more wood to burn either.

  8. Oblivion . The state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening. The state of being completely forgotten or unknown. The condition of being forgotten or disregarded . In other words Yale is talking out of their ass !!

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