Putin Announcement About Ukraine War – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

Russian President Putin will reportedly make an announcement this morning about the Ukraine War in an address to the Russian nation. Get the latest on the Putin Ukraine announcement in our LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE.

Reports say Putin’s announcement will concern, at least in part, “referendums” in Russian-occupied areas of eastern and southern Ukraine. These “referendums” (considered illegitimate by many in the international community), which reportedly will take place starting Friday, could be used to provide a pretext for Russia annexing Russian-occupied eastern and southern Ukraine and declaring it to be a part of Russia. This, in thurn, could be followed by a Russian general mobilization, a declaration of war, and/or an escalation of the conflict. In this interactive live stream, host Steve Lookner brings you breaking news coverage of the Putin announcement on the Ukraine war, and he’ll also read your comments and questions on the air!

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  1. Bro with all do respect this is supposed to be just the facts. You are giving a lot of your anti Russian opinions. Warranted or not this channel is supposed to be facts only. If something is a sham or not is not 100% known

  2. Putin is no fan of Biden . He's very aware of media …wants the kiddies to think the end is near . It's desperation . With that, I think we should quit spending billions on military aid to Ukraine. If he takes it all, Wall off western Europe and say " one more inch and we light it all up " get the rest of non nato into nato . In a decade Russia would be broken . But, now, behind the scenes it's business as usual. If we get off carbon fuel for energy, Russia will not exist as it had. I think Putin knows this and he's shoring up his legacy …as well as securing oil in the black sea region . The world will still need and use oil and natural gas for alot of other things ( fun fact plastic comes from natural gas ) but the industry will have to be subsidized. No more oligarchs . It's sad really . Relying on one thing .

  3. This all could have been avoided if the US/EU had not stirred up the hornets nest in 2014. The media wants us to forget about the US funded revolution and the vote in 2016 when territories wanted to leave Ukraine.

  4. Steve please don't pick sides, let them and GOD sort this out. Recorded history is never the full truth only our heavenly Father knows the hearts of men past and present! Love you man, you are a great watchman, stay safe in these last! days!

  5. Neo-Nazi Ukraine is a lie and a fiction? I think you need to brush up on what is going on in Ukraine … they invaded just because they felt like it? The systematic persecution of Russian-identified Ukrainians in the East of that country was not an issue for you?

  6. Putin and Zelensky are controlled by the same group of people. Of course it's all lies. Putin is playing a part in an act that only kills citizens and military personnel. They win because it's planned that way.

  7. Why are there no talks? Better start building more military equipment and lots of it. Is China is likely see their chance to take Taiwan? Is Russia threatening use of Nukes on West or Ukraine. If I am Biden I am moving some of my Ballistic subs, Stealth bombers closer to Russia.

  8. West really needs to back off from Russian borders, Ukraine must be buffer zone, neutral.USA Empire is in its decline and it's very dangerous what they doing world wide.

  9. Thanks for "knocking yourself out" for so many hours, not once but TWICE to give us a good livestream covering Putin's speech. That's a lot more than most mainstream news sources did, despite all the money and staff they have. Much appreciated. I'm old and lived through the Cold War, 1950's bomb shelters, duck-and-cover, and more. To me it's highly important to at least know when a country with nuclear weaponry is saying things that are threatening, aggressive, and irrational. So thanks again.

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