Putin Balks At West Imposing Oil Price Cap

In the neverending search for ways to punish Russia for the invasion of Ukraine, Western nations, led by the United States, have decided to enforce a $60 per barrel limit on the price of Russian oil. The Putin government is refusing to go along, however, and it appears that other nations like India have decided they won’t play by the United States’ rules either.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger speak to The Duran hosts Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christoforou about what effect the proposed oil price caps will have and why Russia will likely skirt them with ease.

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  1. "Russia can cut production without it affecting it's production system"
    What the fuck is he talking about? You cannot cut production without it affecting your infrastructure, especially not in *fucking Siberia*. What the fuck do you think is gonna happen to the pipes when there isn't oil flowing through them?

    That clown just pulled "It's not gonna affect the production system" out of his ass. Since when did putin have magical powers? And who the fuck is going to listen to russia's price demands when they know they can get it for cheaper. Oh is russia not gonna sell? Then what? It's gonna have its tankers Anchored in Turkey. So have fun with that.

  2. Russia Bought 100 outdated tankers to desperately go around sanctions. Russia needs more than 200 at minimum. And got them insured in China? Oh boy you got 100 unmaintained and old oil tankers filled to over-capacity destined to travel thousands of miles insured by China. Oh and turkey is not allowing any crossings in the black sea till they see legitimate insurance papers.

  3. You're wrong-

    The new BRICs currency will be the best thing to happen to the US since the dollar became the world's reserve currency

    The dollar is fiat garbage, it's a pig with lipstick on it, and it needs reinventing, … it needs to be an honest currency again.

    The new BRICs currency will force that hand.

  4. When did Patrick Henry's famous phrase: "Give me liberty or give me death" become: Give me hegemony or give me death ? Would the US rather kill the world than give up global domination?

  5. One cannot simply put a price cap on a commodity that is traded globally. If I am the leader of a foreign nation, what prevents me from telling Russia that I would pay more, or even market value for it?

    Imagine if I tell all the kids with lemonade stands that they are only allowed to charge 10-cents per cup of lemonade… Why would they listen to me? I like how US politicians always feel like they can dictate the terms to everyone else in the world. Like bullies.

  6. The US and the west are stuck in their cold war ways of doing things to get other countries to do what they want. But the world is different. Russia and China know the playbook. Saudi Arabia under the crown prince isn't a client state like it was under the father who was more closely tied to US and CIA. But this is the only way the US knows how to maintain its it keeps moving on despite the fact it makes things worse

  7. American Military, and Government silly's – overlord haughtiness pixies , are working hard to start World War 111. Are they nuts is the question, or just insidiously insane? They certainly do not ever tell the truth about Ukraine. That's obvious and easy to research.

  8. Even when US/EU economic policy and wars are failures they are still able to carry out their primary goal which is money laundering and moving money out of the tax basins of the US and EU into the hands of the international political and economic elite. Regardless of the failure or success of their ventures, which are almost always failures, they still accomplish what they want by prolonging the war and keeping the money spigot open.

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