Putin Drops 2 Minutes Of Truth About America & Ukraine

In a recent television address, Russian President Vladimir Putin sought to respond to accusations that he is uniquely responsible for the woes currently afflicting people in the west, in particular when it comes to high gas prices and inflation generally. In fact, Putin said, it is the elite leadership in the west who are to blame for these western woes, not to mention racial tension and income inequality.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss Putin’s effort to break the truth to a western audience about their own leaders’ culpability in causing the problems that plague the United States and Europe.

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  1. my 2 cents…no matter which side "wins", we're screwed anyway. Nobody is gonna reverse what has happened (inflations), "soon enough"… -> (It's to freakin late).
    Now, …ehem….do you miss Trump yet?

  2. When is the memorial for Jimmy because you know they are going to take him out for this. Sad that a comedian has to be a journalist because journalist wont be journalist anymore. Anyway condolences to Jimmy's family for his sudden Epstein i mean suicide .

  3. Putin's telling the truth about the ruling elite all around the world… You guys are just omitting the fact that he is also one of those elites and so is Trump and the Republicans along with the Democrats. Make no mistake, this is all about fossil fuels…. AGAIN.
    Our entire planet is being held to ransom by the fossil fuel oligarchs. It's been happening like this since the end of WW2… They just have a real hard time letting go of that power.

  4. No matter how much you blame Putin , it's still our leaders fault. It's Putins fault for cutting off gas, does not absolve Europe from being so dependent on Putin's gas. They were warned. Trump insulted the German leaders for their sort sightedness.

  5. Putin has balls while the entire West is run by globalist cronies like Macron, Von Der Leyen, Soros, the Clintons, the Obamas and others.

    What I'd like to say about European democracy is, they're not democracies, they're still behaving like 18th century aristocracies. Coats of arms are outdated in modern times, in my opinion

  6. He didn't exactly say "Do not shift the blame on us", he said it in a proverb way "don't shift the blame from the sick head onto the healthy one", which has the same meaning as "you created this problem – you are the sick head – and you are trying to pin it on us – the healthy head – as being our fault". It's a Slavic proverb.

  7. No serious person believes this is Putins fault ! …… it’s net zeros fault ! Our crazy politicians are making things worse for us and more expensive….. while trying to manipulate us into eating bugs 🐛

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