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  1. Saying that Libya was invaded by US, Britain and France because Gadhaffi wanted to stop using Dollars is really bogus! So what about Syria, Iraq which has been victims of US invasions, and Iran as potential target of these axis of evil, all because they wanted or want to stop selling their oil in dollars? Think about it and understand the CIA's America foreign policy that it's about "taken over oil for the deep state" and other resources of the targeted Countries. If your arguments hold any water, why is US not invading China, India and Russia which are bolding getting off the so called petrol dollars, huh?

  2. Can you believe that today on the local news they said that Ukrainian gaining significant ground in that fight 🤣🤣🤣
    Brain washing continues with media 🤦‍♀️
    They will NEVER , NEVER win !
    Russia can take them in 123 , but have to go slow because we don’t want “ collateral damage « They don’t want unnecessary civilians to suffer ! Unlike USA and Ukraine!

  3. Klaus S father sold chemical to the Nazis and he took over the company and Soros admitted he loaded Jewish people on trains. We brought them here in operation paperclip now there are re enacting the 2nd war bring forth the 5th Reich in the once USA. Congress sold to WEF.

  4. Its all ready Predicted that people gonna die! Belly up!
    They will carry u out of your home like a block of ice.
    If u are British……u will die!
    Not cuz of lack of ga$!
    Cuz gas will get jacked up.
    U won't be able to pay. The gas price.
    Is September now! And u cannot paygasbill.
    Imagine December!.
    Cuz. Britton. Sanctioned Russia. .Hihihihihihi.

  5. I know the solution…..
    Tell the. West to. Sanction Russia some more.Hihihihihihi!
    U wanna sanction Russia
    But u are surprised when Russia. Cut off. Your gas$.?
    Hihihihi .
    Factories work. With gas……. U will get prayed offs!

  6. I think we are too many generations removed from the days of "let them eat cake", or many, many of the leaders who learned the hard way that the thin veil of civility is just that. Let them keep pushing. It'll get interesting.

  7. Ok so I liked this guy, he seemed really intelligent and spoke the truth about world events… today I found out he’s a Marxist and I’m like… “oh god why dude? Why? You seemed so cool and smart?” When he said Marxists founded American I was at max cringe.

  8. The world belongs to the people. It does not belong to a small group of political elitists who are playing with the lives of everyone for their delectation. Push the people to the wall and the rest is history.

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