Putin ENDS Gas To Italy

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  1. That is not correct, the Austrian stopped the flow of gas to Italy and kept it for themselves, nothing to do with Putin, Russia or Gazprom. Austria hijacked ALL the gas for themselves (me thing German might get some..).
    Algeria has 2 gas pipes supplying supplying Italy, slovenia.. FOR DECADES. In march the EU was planning to re direct the Algerian gas to the rest of Europe, Algeria lowered the flow, put the price up and threatened italy and spain that they will turn the tap off if that happen.
    Now they have increased the flow by 20% (winter) to be shared by Italy and slovenia at a new higher price.
    Since the invasion algeria was visited daily by every single European leader trying to get increase of the supply and the right to share it with all of Europe without any joy.
    Algeria is an old ally of Russia and has 4 gas pipes supplying Europe (not running at full capacity) with the capacity supply of the Russian NS1 and NS2 combined but they refused to increase supply despite literally every single EU leader turning up there asking, the last one was Macron and he was sent to face the local public where he was humiliated and insulted (you are just here for oil and gas F OFF), videos are available online
    It is a shame that no one mention the role algeria played despite all the pressure put on them in making sure that EU gas reserves are not full by lowering the supply and not undermining Russia.

  2. I can imagine Ursula trying to tell Meloni what to do and being brought back to reality for just a moment by Meloni calling her a b*tch, slapping her across the face and telling her to shut the f**k up, and then telling her she'd f**ked up everybody's economies and needs to grow up, before telling her to get out of her face. 😂😂😂😂

  3. Answer to EU Winter crisis:
    Come to Australia 👍
    We have so much Coal and Gas that us Citizens pay top dollar for for our own natural resources ..
    Our government will Gladly ship these 'non-Green' bountiful supplies Off-shore 'to the highest bidder' for short sighted policies or future 🇦🇺

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