Putin Fires HYPERSONIC MISSILE In SCREW YOU To NATO | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar analyze the significance of Putin’s decision to fire a hypersonic missile in Ukraine as a warning to NATO and a statement about the military capabilities Russia possesses

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Murtaza Hussain:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. From what I'm hearing, everyone should sit quiet, do nothing and let "russia" do what it wants i.e wipe Ukraine of the map… It seems everyone in the west forgot that you have to fight for principlles when bully like putin shows up. If that's the case, we are doomed.

  2. Give me a break, people. "A mile a minute" is a very common idiom, which the dictionary defines simply to mean "very quickly." The missiles do indeed travel "very quickly." Thus, insofar as Saagar was speaking idiomatically, his statement that the missiles travel "a mile a minute" was completely correct. To not interpret Saagar's words in this way is just dumb.

  3. If the chinese and Russians have this capabilities and they very well know the US is the biggest obstacles in their supremacy to lead the world why not strike now ,to me this technology is very doubtful especially when the logic and processors chips that drive any kind of electronics is from the US, Russia and china dont Have the computing prowess the Americans have, so all this evading ,change course technology is all very doubtable, there is nothing that can not be shot down especially with missiles that use heat seeking sensors, we were all impressed how iron dome supressed a swarm of rocket fires recently, china and russia still has alot of respect for the US thats why they are not attacking yet

  4. My two cents: these missiles make no difference in the grand scheme of things. If they strike, at the very least, US subs respond. The threat of mutual destruction is not eliminated because they have these weapons.

  5. This 'hypersonic' missile dates back to the 80'es, ist just a chemical rocker, no ram or scrum jet, just plain old tech, tgat reacher high speed using a ballistic trajectory.

  6. Lets be honest, you have no idea how many hyper-sonic missiles they have. Your cowering in the face of Putin for the past few weeks has been nothing short of shameful. I'm expecting you to once again call on the Ukraine to surrender so you can keep your coffee and NETFLIX.

  7. So we have a choice to listen to both of you non-defense experts or listen dozens of other real experts. Your shameful calling on the Ukraine to capitulate just a week or two ago was nothing short of cowardice.

  8. 9:52, what wave of lock-downs and censorship are you talking about, do you mean in the US, if so I'd be happy to listen to a segment on that. I certainly have seen no WAVES OF CENSORSHIP OR LOCK-DOWNS IN THE USA… but as a freedom supporter, I would be happy to join you if it's a fact and not just fake noise.

  9. Hypersonic missile capabilities aren’t even close to as special as the media portrays them. I truly believe the narrative around this is about triggering an arms race to justify big mil spending contracts. Theirs so much miss info about them. They are by far one of the most expensive surface to surface missiles. They are highly detectable despite what our media/gov tells you because of their unique signature. US and nato have hundreds of satellites if not thousands honed in on every possible Russian launch site. I’ve noticed breaking points has been just regurgitating MSM when it comes to Ukraine/Russia. It’s important to have a prospective not based in fear. Having strong information outlets is crucial for sound policies making. Otherwise the war mongers win. Keep your composure people!

  10. I dont get this show sometimes, a few weeks ago you were saying we shouldn't care about the Ukrainians and they should defend themselves. Now that they have, we should be worried about the Ukrainians being wiped out because they defended themselves too well.

  11. for a highly detailed analysis of military aircraft capabilities and a no fly zone see justin bronks interview in the ward carroll site .. his knowledge and insight will astound you ..

  12. Oh this is great then! The US can use the Ukraine war as a way to track test and acquire one of their new weapons! Cost = All of Ukraine Citizens Lives!!

    The US should throw gas on the dumpster fire of Ukraine.

  13. Both Russia & China have operational hypersonic missles. Both of these countries provide free higher education & encourage the study of STEM fields.
    The USA, as yet, doesn't have operational hypersonic missiles. We do not provide free higher higher education & our culture strongly discourages study in STEM fields. Our "leaders" frequently berate both science & scientists & demonstrate profound scientific illiteracy.
    Perhaps there's a connection?

  14. Saagar , please look up what would corporate media gain if we were to go to war. As you have said, they are pushing for war.
    Why? What do they gain? Let start with rating. How does corporate media rating perform when covering a war? If a reporter dies in a war zone doesn't that become a badge of honor to prop up their brand?
    Would this war saved the ratings?
    Just saying

  15. So Saagar is saying as the result of NATO sending arms to Ukraine, Russia is showing their teeth and we should be careful. Is Saagar suggesting stop helping Ukraine and let Russia just walk in?

  16. With 10% of the US budget being spent on the military, more than many of our allies and Russia and China combined, you can bet they probably have an answer to this tech buried away in some "black box" program compliments of Raytheon that nobody at this point is made aware of. You would be naive to believe that the minute this project went into development in China and Russia that the US spy network wasn't already in full acquisition mode and countermeasures were being developed almost immediately. Just like their own intellegence programs spy on us and are looking for countermeasures against our tech. The military industrial companies throughout the world are nothing but a bunch of men pulling their peckers out and seeing which one has the biggest and who can write their name in the snow the furthest.

  17. You guys are the ones escalating. Even if we went to war with Russia there is a zero percent chance of nuclear war. The US has 6000 nukes, that is more than enough to destroy the whole planet several times over. It literally doesn't matter what Russia has when our response is to destroy the planet they live on.

  18. Also you keep spreading propaganda that they would have no reason to use this. Ukraine has been getting lit up from the sky but Russia has suffered severe losses in the sky as well. They are perfectly motivated by their own current circumstances to use a weapon that cannot be shot down.

  19. "and within five minutes 100 200 million people are dead" I love how this show always talks about what could go wrong to America. This show is the communist news network, I'd love and I mean LOVE to see where their funding comes from

  20. If you watch this garbage show thing you're watching unbias media I have a bridge and some water front property you might be interested in. And no, I don't watch Fox or CNN

  21. US military budget is N times larger than Russia’s and Russians have a faster missile? Where the world is coming to? I wish I can get a refund for all my taxes paid that goes to support this war nonsense.

  22. Distance from Moscow to Washington 4,862 miles, speed of hypersonic missile 3,800 MPH, time for nuclear weapon to reach Washington DC from Moscow approx. 1.28 hours.
    Saggar: 5 minutes for missile to travel from Moscow to Washington DC, i don't know the exact flight time, but it's something like that
    Come on guys, you're better than this.

  23. So right away I was curious why you're doing your best to pump up Putin's new (Old) hypersonic toy. When you check out any number of military oriented sites all are generally saying the same thing.: That this "Hypersonic" is more of a dud and not the threat all you pundits are making it out to be. Furthermore, you're really stretching it when day after day, video after video is thoroughly demonstrating the plethora of weaknesses propping up Putin's military. It's kind of obvious Russia has been lacking exceedingly in its weapons development programs to the point they've postponed all their new programs for the past five years or so. For example, have you done any of your videos recognizing Russia's failing economy, i.e., where are they getting the money for all these amazing new weapons.

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